Alice mentioned that her granddaughter Allie (I wonder whom she is named after?) will be eighteen years old this week. Yes, time does fly. Seems like just a month or so ago when Sammy was born but he is now nearly eighteen months old and can say the word “NO!”. I hope I see him turn eighteen years old but if not, he and my grand-kids and my kids have made me a happy man.

Speaking of aging, I have a pork-barrel project for the government to fund. I would like to know if kids born in winter time cope with cold weather better than summer born kids when they get old. I will gladly volunteer to head this project if the funding is correct.

Any special plans for New Year’s eve? It won’t be a special or social event for me in most traditions; my new year began with the Solstice.

Have a great week!

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  1. New Year’s Eve? I’m glad that I came back from the office. It will be family supper consisting of cheese, olives and v. little tomatoes. No alcohol, as you know but I’m sure the midnight will be nice.
    It’s annoying that someone is shooting outside (fireworks). It’s noisy and I think the dogs of my neighbours are scared.
    I wish you lived many, many years, my friend. I like your blog. 😉
    Really love what you wrote about your kids, grand-kids and Sammy. BTW, can Sammy say other words? I look forward a new Sammy video. 🙂

    • Sounds like a nice family get-together for supper, my friend. I haven’t heard any fireworks yet but they will come tonight, I suppose.
      “NO!” is the only word I’ve understood Sammy to say but he does say a lot which I don’t comprehend.
      Happy New Year, Jola! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you and Carolyn and the rest of the family. As I read your post New Years, it made me think about some of the news years we all spent together in past.
    I am too old to party anymore. Probably will be asleep before 12 midnight.
    Have a great and healthly new year! May Gold Bless you greatly in the year..

    • Happy New Year to you and your family, Alice. You are probably the only one attending our New Years parties who was able to remember much I remember one year Fred sent Ron and me (in the Cadillac) to Abingdon, Va. to buy a bunch of liquor because it was cheaper there than in JC. Of course, we were pulled over by Tenn. state troopers on the way home but they didn’t check our cargo.
      I will probably be awake reading, but the new year will slip in without me knowing it.
      I hope the the end of the coming year finds you once again healthy and happy; we geezers deserve the best.
      Thank you my dear friend,

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