After Christmas Sale!

Christmas Day 2008 was spent in the mountains

Christmas Day 2008 was spent in the mountains

I hope y’all had a nice Christians; I sure did.

There must be a British photo-theft mafia. At least three of my friends have found their photos on sites in England and some of them are being used commercially. Mark even found one of his being used by a law firm in the USA. Another country who has citizens stealing and reselling a lot of photos is Russia. Cyrus found some of his had been stolen from there and resold to an American electronics company which used them in advertisements. Maggie has some shots being used by a British company which sells gardening plants and supplies. One more friend has a costumed photo of her pug dog stolen and placed in a British publication. All this doesn’t count the many blogs, etc. which are using photos without permission.

Wind and rain have been hitting us pretty hard since last evening and they are predicting snow for tonight.

It is time to begin doing business taxes once more. I am usually swimming upstream and this year I have a fiscal cliff to fall off of.

Have a great whateverdayoftheweekitis!

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  1. Beautiful photo. It’s good idea to be in the mountains on Christmas Day. I’m afraid that my photos are used without my permission too. Someone still looks my photo stream. Maybe I should publish my shots only for my friends.
    Please take care of yourself. Winter is whimsical this year.

    • Peaceful in the mountains on Christmas Day.
      Most stolen photos come from Flickr. Yep, posting for friends only is probably a good idea. Also, keep the photos as small as possible when you upload them; just large enough to be well seen.
      Thank you, Jola. 🙂

  2. The stolen photos are annoying but really there is no stopping it unless you post no photos.


    • We are trying to make FB to be more responsible for protecting our photos. So far not much …
      Thanks, Mark.

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