White Christmas in my Heart

Gray, sullen skies in East Tennessee; looks like winter but the temps are mild.

My net speed is terrible today; getting about only half of base speed. It must be a sign that the world is lowing down; it will come to zero by Saturday. Five days from today the world will end, according to translators of the Mayan “Doomsday” calendar. At least maybe my sinus ills will go away. Anyway, I will take Maggie’s advice from her blog and wear clean underwear on Saturday.

Banning assault weapons will be a good start to end some of the murderous idiocy in these here United States. If it happens, I wonder who will be the parties responsible for defining just which weapons are of the assault variety?

Mark sums some things very well on his blog today.

I wish Miracle On 34th Street would come on TV in the original black and white glory. The Turner colorized version has been on but I can’t stand to watch it.

Eye allergies are keeping my computing to a minimum today. Have a Great Worshday!

Matthew 18:3: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

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  1. Maybe your sinus ills will go away and maybe you will have your lean underwear on Saturday but I want you to have here (on the net) and I want to read your blog every day. So I don’t like the end of the world; too much of mess. 😉
    School should be a safe place; here in Poland too. Kids are the best what we have. They should trust us and be sure that we love them and protect in every situation.
    Please take care of yourself. Love the Bible quotation.
    White Christmas is in my heart too.

    • Seems like someone is every week or so predicting the end of the world.
      I’m still wondering what could make a person do such a thing to kids and families. I hope that in the long run someting positive will come from this lesson.
      Thanks, Jola 🙂

  2. Well I can tell you that we have been extra busy in the store since Friday. A lot of gun advocates are not going to bend. Figuring out what to ban is not an easy thing to do, There more guns manufactured than you can imagine.

    Shower and a shave for the Mayans.

    • Yeah, the NRA has the tea party and other know-nothings on edge about control. Should be a jolly little war coming.
      Showering and shaving is pushing it a bit. 🙂
      Thanks, Mark.

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