“Teach your children well …”

Dedicated to the children, parents, and teachers of Newtown Connecticut
and to
all America

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  1. I’m filled with pity for the community of Newtown Conneticutt and all America. I pray for the victims. My heart is sad.

    • In my opinion, this killing spree is a worse tragedy than the 911 attack.
      Thanks, Jola.

      • Please take care of little Sammy. I love you and your family. xo

  2. I’m with you and all the Newtown’s people. Why these bad things could still happen in the 21st century? It would be make us to think about killer gears, about the education and the world we want. Very sad.

    • People no longer seem to take the time to know other folks and learn their own place in society. TV and video games are reality to them.
      Thanks, Albert.

  3. The culture of violence starts very early in a kids life and is learned before we even know it.
    Parents need to play a big role in teaching peace and love towards there fellow man.

    • Peace, love, and tolerance.
      Thanks, Mark.

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