Live better, work union and buy union

Winter comes to Warsaw

Winter comes to Warsaw

It is time for the power of the people to once again be felt across America. I hope to see an invigorated AFL CIO lead the nation into economic freedom once more.

Al Sharpton for U.S. Secretary of State. That should gain John McCain’s interest.

I think it is about time for me to take off the old tights and cape and return to the world of my birth. I left planet Krypton as an infant many Earth years ago; I was sent here to help defend this world against crime and tyranny with Truth, Justice, and the American Way. People on Krypton don’t age as fast as earthlings therefore my parents are still alive. I have aged much faster, yet not as quickly as citizens of my adopted world; I still kick ass and take names at the useful age of 68 Earth years. It will be good to visit my old buds while I am there and pay respects to my ancestors. Don’t worry, my fellow citizens of Terra; I shall return and guard you against yourselves. Until then, Up,Up, and Away!

New Sammy video … head banging to Pink Floyd.

Photo courtesy of Jola.

Have a good weekend, my friends.

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  1. So GOOD day! Your little story, wonderful video of Sammy and a new banner. Love all these changes you’ve introduced here. Winter makes me bluesy, but today (on Friday) I smile, OUR PROTECTOR from the planet Krypton. 🙂
    Yeah … the weekend will be good!

    • Thank you for encouragement, Jola. I like Fridays, too. I loved Fridays when I was working, especially when I was tramping. Hope your weekend is special. 🙂

  2. When could have used you yesterday Superman.

    • This is out of the realm of Super Heroes; it will take a nation of caring parents and voters to alleviate this problem.
      Thanks, Mark.

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