The rich get richer and the sick get sicker

Glad to be back blogging today; it has been an interesting week so far.

Chris was in hospital for a couple of days; her boss had to take her from work to emergency room Tuesday morning. She still has the recurring heart problems but this time they also found her gall bladder is full of stones. She needs surgery but has no insurance, so she had to check out and go home. Tennessee’s Medicare won’t cover her for some reason and Obama care is nowhere to be found. No one in the family has the wherewithal to pay for the surgery and the surgeon will not accept payments.  She also needs some heart surgery but that doctor said he would work with her on payments. I am so pissed over the American medical system.

Cloudy and cooler today but still better than this time of year should be.

Have a good Thursdy, my friends.

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  1. This is such thing in America ( a rich country) which I can’t understand. How is it possible that there is no medical care for people who work. In Poland (and other European countries) an insurance premium is obligatory for every employer (people pay also their own extra insurance if they want to do it) If someone is unemployed his/her insurance premium is paid by the labour office. Many, many people in Poland live in really modest conditions, it’s very often hard to pay for the prescription but there is always a place for them in hospital if they are seriously sick.
    It’s very sad situation for Chris. I feel sorry for her.
    I heard that some people were ready to pay thousands of dollars for being a guest at the supper with Obama (during his presidential campaign). Idiocy. Yes, in America the rich get richer and the sick get sicker. Very sad.

    • I had a nice reply about finished but Firefox crashed and I lost it.
      I like everything you said.
      Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  2. Disgraceful capitalism that healthcare should be related to money. If we were a moral people we would have healthcare for all no matter what. I fail to understand how as a nation we actually care so little for the health of our citizens. Are we human beings or just forms of money?

    I hope Chris gets the care she deserves.

    • If we are a form of money, we don’t make good pocket change for the rich.
      Thanks, Mark 🙂

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