Karl Rove + Koch Brothers = Losers

It was a hot election but now it is time to cool the engines.

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  1. Nice rock song.
    My congrats on Obama’s victory. I think he understands needs of American society (more and more complex) much better than Romney. BTW, it’s not easy to understand American voting system. Of course I understand the main rule: winner takes all electoral votes. That’s why the fight was the hardest in the swing states. I like that Obama and Romney respect each other. It’s something what we call ‘political culture’, and what is so valuable in public life.
    Yes, it was hot election, and here in Europe it told us a lot about Americans.

    • I suspect you understand American voting system better than do most Americans. About all I know about it was that it was put in place to appease the states when the Constitution was being drafted; they knew how to compromise back then. The Republican party will probably be in disarray for awhile as moderates and tea partiers fight it out. I hope this American election is good for Europe.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. The voting system here is a mess. Needs a lot of improvement.

  3. Yep; it needs a complete overhaul. even Florida can’t get it right.
    You also may be right about a looming race war.
    Thanks, Mark.

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