Night sounds

I gotta learn how to use the Droid X smart phone. It has gotten to the point where it beeps, groans, burps, pings, sings, and gurgles at all hours of the night. They are alerts from various programs wanting my attention for some inane reason, mostly advertisements. The heck of it is on many of them, I can’t disable the audible alert without removing the program. Yahoo mail is one such and until a recent fix, Facebook was another. It isn’t bad enough that I have to lay all night and listen to Carolyn make every noise humanely possible while she sleeps, the phone seems to want to either accompany her concerts or try to out do her. The Tab is different; I’ve been able to control all it s aural rackets.

Hopefully on Monday I can call the orthopedic surgeon and make an appointment for an exam and then, within a couple of weeks, have the knee surgery. The foot wound hasn’t completely healed but the replacement is going to have to go forward; I cannot stand much more.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. I wonder how long will you stay at the hospital. I will miss you. But I know how so much you need this surgery.
    My mobile phone is so simple. No the internet access. Only short messages, my calendar and a few phones every day, mainly from my husband and my daughter. But the telephone on my office desk is ringing whole day. 😉
    Please take care of yourself.

    • Hospital stay is usually three days if all goes ok. The surgery will probably be in early afternoon and I will be up walking on the knee the next day. Maybe your phone will get an extra call while I an in hospital. 🙂
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. No noises from my phone. The Droid X is great at making noises as you say. I’ll have to say the HTC Rezound is a pretty decent phone.

    Get the surgery done and then by spring you and I can go shooting.

    Weekend was good. Work uugh.

    • The Droid is still working well but I will probably go to a different Android brand next time.
      I should be well recovered by spring and shooting with you sounds good.
      Thanks, Mark.

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