Floods and flops


Sunday, Carolyn and I revisited the scenes of the Dry Creek flooding. I could have made some pics of the work going on for people to rebuild their lives; I could have made pics of them sitting in front of their tiny, temporary camper homes. I could have made pics of their facial expressions as another idiot with a camera gawked by, I could have tried to capture the strained emotions on their faces, and I could have tried to catch the glimpses of hope as they waved when we drove by. Instead, I kept the camera in my lap and they kept their dignity. Many agencies, both government and private, are helping out in making homes once more liveable or even replacing the ones that could not be fixed. Jerry has applied for assistance in getting his HVAC unit replaced; he has already spent $350 of his own on it just to find out it is not repairable.

Augusta National Golf Club has finally admitted female members. If I were a woman, I would be so pissed at the club I would tell them to fuck-off! Really, who these days cares if some rich old bastards elect some rich old bitches to membership? They never did invite me to join.

Have a Tuesday!

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  1. I took many pictures after the hurricane hit Port Charlotte in 2004. None of people, but not a good as you.

    Golf schmolf. An elitist game that i really do not care about.

    • I didn’t get very good pics, either. I was sitting in the car and using only the 50mm lens. I can’t seem to get my driver into the spirit of making good photos.
      I never played golf, but I spent a couple of Saturday afternoons on the links with some beer-drinking buddies. It was pretty cool and I learned some new four-letter words.
      Thanks, mark.

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