“They didn’t want it good, they wanted it Wednesday.” ~Robert A. Heinlein

Watauga Lake

Sammy was here for a few minutes this morning and then he took Carolyn shopping. He is happy and growing; I hope to spend more time with him Saturday.

Our weather still isn’t settled; rain nearly every day or night or both. Some fair skies are mixed in but it is hard to decide what is going on.

I am very much liking the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 tablet. Typing is still a chore but not a heck of a lot worse than using my PC keyboard with crooked fingers and is much easier than using the Droid X keyboard. Reading books, etc. is much easier than with the Droid  and; I’m not forever tapping for the next page.

The phone company this month raised my internet access bill by thirty dollars; it is now seventy-five bucks per month to have net access. I will not continue to pay it; Americans pay the highest prices in the developed world for only mediocre service. For thirty bucks per month, I can use my wireless phone service as an access point and for a few dollars more than that, I can have net access through the TV cable.

Have a gentle mid-week crisis, my friends.

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  1. I miss Sammy; new photos of him, and videos.
    I have a notebook Samsung, and like it v. much. Net access is not cheap in Poland too. On the other hand the internet is even much more important for my family than TV; except the time of the Olympics which we were watching every evening. 🙂

    • I try to get videos and pics of Sammy but he stays on the move too much.
      I can completely do without television but I do like spending a bit of time on the net.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Cable TV and internet access are a complete ripoff. No real competition and it is only about money.

    Summer weather is breaking slowly. I hear that leaves are beginning to change in Boone area already.

    I knew you would like the Galaxy. They are giving Apple lots of fits. Glad to see it hapen.

    • It was very cool in our house this morning; typical coming of autumn in August. If Boone leaves are changing this early I hope it is because of the drought and not changing seasons.
      I think the new Google tablet is whoopin’ everyone else; it has more features for less money.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. Your photo of Watauga lake, my friend … It’s a bit sad but very beautiful!

    • It was a rainy day and I was surprised any sailboats were out.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

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