Worshday political Rant

The tea party express is heading for D.C. this fall and I don’t see much in the way to stop it. Obama cannot stand on his record for it is tainted with Republican idealism and backroom sellouts. Obamacare is just that; a tool for reelection. Without the public option such as Medicare for all, it is more mind-numbing bureaucracy for millions of Americans who need basic healthcare the most. Americans want and insist on easy fixes and the economy is not fixed nor will it ever be unless we strengthen its foundations; Obama has not the moxy to take on the hard jobs nor does the middle-class voters. National infrastructure is four years older and in graver danger of collapse for the most part. Our service people are still dying in Afghanistan, a place completely lost in the middle of the nineteenth century. Its top exports are heroin, terrorists, and foreign causalities of war. Obama nor Romney have no definite plans to withdraw from a place where the Red Army gained sense enough to know they could not win a war, and the USA plows on like victory is just days away. Young lives are cheap when you are the sitting power in Washington, D.C.

Maybe the surprise of the Democratic convention will be when Obama tosses Joe Biden and takes Hillary Clinton as his running mate, to have and to hold.


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  1. Yes, I agree with you, the Red Army knew they would not win the war in Afghanistan. Have you seen Russian movie “9th Company”?This is one of the best war movies I have ever seen in my life. Polish soldiers are also in Afghanistan but our president promises us that they leave this country soon.

    … ‘moxy’ is an interesting word.

    • Thanks for the movie trailer, Jola. No, I haven’t seen the movie but it looks to be very good. I hope Poles will make their president do what he says and get the troops out of that trap in Afghanistan.
      Moxy can also be spelled as moxie and has generically the same meaning. USA has a soft drink named Moxie which I like but it is difficult to find around my part of the country.
      Thanks, my friend. đŸ™‚

  2. We have no direction as a country or from our leaders. As long as a few are getting rich then the leaders are happy.

    The war is a sad state of affairs and makes us look clueless.

    As long as we have our toys we really will never change.

    • I am frustrated because people don’t recognize the need for better wealth distribution and keep electing politicians with no scruples.
      Thanks, Mark.

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