“No individual raindrop ever considers itself responsible for the flood”

Quiet and beautiful street in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Thanks to Jola for allowing me to use her photo

What is it with the internet? If it gets any slower it will be going backwards; if so, maybe we can see if Al Gore really did invent the net.

Jerry was over yesterday to get the pressure washer; he has a lot of cleanup to do. Tennessee Emergency Management is doing their thing in Dry Creek where he lives and where the most damage was done and Federal Emergency Management is due at any time. Though no human lives were lost in the flooding, many pets and farm animals died. One family lost twelve miniature horses along with other livestock. Dry Creek has changed its channel in a place or two because of the massive movement of soil by water; a fish pond belonging to Jerry’s father-in-law is gone. Jerry’s worst loss was his heating and cooling system for his house; it quit working soon after the flood water receded.

Dog Days ended yesterday and school is starting. Long, frosty nights and days of little sunshine are just around the corner. I need a long vacation away from this desk; do I hear Florida calling? Not likely, probably just the wind around the shutters teasing me a bit.

Out yesterday getting my shot and running errands. Carolyn had a craving for a fish dinner at Long John Silver’s so off we went—against my better judgement. LJS used to have good food back in the 70’s, but now it is nothing but grease bombs. Carolyn is more tolerant of it than am I, so after eating I became sick at my stomach and she didn’t.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Polish school is starting on the 3th of September. It’s still warm and dry month. We call it ‘Polish Gold Autumn’.
    I’m sorry that people in Dry Creek lost so much. 😦
    My stomach is gentle too. That’s why I spend so much of time in my kitchen. Home food is the best for me and my family.
    Have a great weekend, my American friends!!!

    • It is still hot here and will be so until at least mid-September. Schools in the local counties–all rural–used to not open until the tobacco crop was in the barn.
      I like home cooking but get very little of it anymore. I hate my own cooking, though.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. My photo!!! Please post more of my Dutch photos if you really like them. 🙂

    • I like your Dutch photos and will for sure post more of them.
      Thanks, Jola.

  3. Jola was so generous to think of us while on her holiday. I got 2 postcards and they are taped to my fridge so I can see them every day. Florida is calling. Come down and I’ll make you fried catfish w/ hushpuppies and slaw. Its been raining every afternoon, you’ll have to watch the rain from the back porch while you sip your beer. We can go visit Jola and she teach me how to make good soup! wouldn’t that be fun. play the lotto…

    • I also got 2 postcards from Holland; nice to see those places I studied about in school so many years ago.
      I’ve never been to Florida, but I sure wouldn’t mind hanging around there for a few weeks. I want to go to Key West and bum my way northward.
      We are getting so much rain here too; we are in the middle of a severe drought zone and are too wet. Thank you for the invite; you never know what awaits for tomorrow. BTW, I don’t sip beer. 😉
      Yep, a visit to Jola in Poland and to some more Eastern Europe would be a great summer vacation for all of us; not for winter though.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  4. It is nice here today. Lots of rain Friday night and yesterday. It came in heavy downpours. Small areas of localized flooding.

    The last time I went to LJS all the food tasted the same. Must have used the same grease for everything.

    Key West is fun, crazy and relaxing. Good food and Cuban coffee. Bloody Mary’s for breakfast are a god thing. The ride from Miami to Key West feels like going home.

    • I think fast food joints move their used grease from store to store so people won’t get used to the very same taste in the same stores all the time.
      If Sammy wasn’t here, we would probably try some Florida living.
      Thanks, Mark.

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