Dry Creek flood

Summer flood

Jerry called us at about nine o’clock last evening saying that they were flooded by the heavy rains. He had no power and water was a few inches below his door. Later he called back and said the flood was receding a little. We drove down to Dry Creek this morning and it is a mess down there. He is very lucky the water didn’t come up another foot. In just a sort time last evening, they had six inches (15cm) of rain fall. This flood was more severe than the one I witnessed in 1980 when many of the bridges washed out on the same stream. They were replaced by better structures and most of them seem to have held. A few houses, mobile homes, and out buildings were washed off their foundations with one house ending up on the main road atop a car. The mayor of Washington County was in the area this morning handing out bottled water and the Red Cross along with other emergency services were in the area. The worst damage to Jerry’s property was muddy water getting inside a couple of his vehicles, including his nice Camaro, and his work and storage shed were also flooded. I got a few pics with the Pentax and 50mm lens but nothing of real importance.

Have a good Worshday!

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  1. I’m sorry my friend that it happened and caused the damages. Photo is very good. I like the doggy.
    In case of flood people are always helpless. It was a threat of severe flood in Warsaw 2 years ago. Vistula is a dangerous river. Fortunately dykes in my city were enough strong to stop a huge water.
    Hope Jerry and his family are safe now.

    • Flooding of this degree hardly happens around here anymore. Dr Creek is a mountain cove which is surrounded on three sides by ridges with a narrow flood plain where most people live. Jerry and Tammy are safe but there is a lot of damage to their property.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • I’m so sorry. 😦

      • 🙂 Thank you.

  2. Well that sucks. At least the house was not flooded. I saw some radar shots last night and there was a wide spread area that was getting hammered with rain. Did not even hear anything on the news about the flooding.

    • Jerry seems to have lost his heat-pump. It worked a while yesterday and then conked out. The repairman said it could not be saved.Flooding in downtown JC–which I’ve bitched about before–was the worst ever. Some places that have never known flooding were up to their asses in water.
      Thanks, Mark.

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