New pumps

I gotta brand new pair of shoes! First I’ve bought in many years. For ages I bought only New Balance walking shoes because the ones I liked were made in USA. I can no longer find the domestic ones, so I ended up trying a new brand called ProPet which, of course. are Chinese made. I require shoes with Velcro straps because of my unpredictable fingers and wrists. They seem to fit well and feel good but I know it will take a lot of bunion and callous pads to get them comfortable. They were bought from Amazon, but I recommend ShoeBuy instead; their prices are a bit higher but they have very good return policies and delivery times.

Courtney has her first blog posted from her new home in California.

Romney is going to visit Poland; Jola is fortunate to be away at this time.

Have a good Worshday!

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  1. Nice musical post with a cute model.

    Never heard of ProPet. Amazon is always a good bet.

    Good thing Jola is on vacation.

    • I think the shoes are pronounced Pro-pey. Hell, they fit pretty good is all I care about.
      Thanks, Mark.

    • I hate Jola missed Mitt. 🙂
      Thanks, Mark

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