All went as good as could be expected yesterday. The doctor said I was in very god shape for my ages except for the RA. I came out of court with payments I could barely afford which will likely play into my knee surgery scenario. Ah well, we live moment by moment.

Another thing that has gotten us behind this month is that Carolyn did not receive her Social Security check which was due on the third Wednesday. She called the bureaucracy and they informed her that her check had indeed been sent but said they would send her a replacement. Also, one of her accounts didn’t pay her this month and and all this has put us in a bit of a hole. By month’s end, we should be ok, however. The cosmic karma is about to send the eagle of prosperity to shit on my head.

Got my shot today and tomorrow comes the Man. I desperately need one of his hugs.

Have a good Thursday!


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  1. Courts sucks. Remember there is no debtors prison.

    The bureaucracy sucks. They seem to have no idea what is going on, hardly a surprise.

    Nice post of Crimson. I saw them several years ago and it was quite the show.

    Have fun with the man.

    • Debt is a prison.
      I never saw Crimson but wish I had.
      Thanks, Mark

  2. Crimson was fun, however I have seen Adrian Belew a couple times and those shows were killer.

    • I wish I had seen a lot more concerts and shows; maybe next time.
      Thanks, Mark

  3. I think you had a guest from the Netherlands today (your live traffic feed). πŸ˜‰

    • Glad you took time from your Holland vacation to check in with us. Hope you are having a great time.
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

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