Ride Sally Ride!

Back when I still thought there was a possibility of America having a great future, our first woman astronaut flew aboard the space shuttle, reinforcing my optimism. Sally Ride, who inspired a lot of women around the world with her pioneering journey, died recently.

Carolyn took the Escape to the mechanic yesterday. He found no electrical problems and ended up cleaning the fuel injectors. He said he was getting more and more cars with the same problem and that it was more than likely due to bad gasoline. He said a person should find a station they trust and buy all their fuel there. Knowingly selling bad gasoline is more of America’s moral and economic decay.

This is going to be a crappy week. Tomorrow morning I go to my doctor for annual checkup. In the afternoon I have to appear in court so a creditor can obtain judgement against me. I can tolerate the judgement decree, but I will have to stand on the crutches for an unknown time until my case is heard. These two things should envelope my entire day. Thursday is shot day again and hopefully Friday will be Sammy day; he can quickly cure an entire week full of ills.

Have a Tuesday!

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  1. Oh, Ken, the court, the judgment decree … I hope they don’t harm you and your family. I worry about you!!! I must admit that in my country disabled people are protected and no one forces them to standing on the crutches. God! It’s terrible.
    Please take care of yourself, my friend.

    • This was not too bad; the judge was more than fair but the creditor’s lawyer was a jerk-ette!
      Long, tiring day but all came out as good as could be expected.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Sally Ride was very impressive. I had no idea she was such an accomplished individual. She is what America is sadly missing these days.

    The judgement will be such fun. Hopefully the creditor will not show up.

    • I didn’t know a lot about her life, either; Sally was very impressive.
      The creditor was there of course but it wasn’t too bad.
      Thanks, Mark.

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