Yesterday … and today

Yesterday was rather busy; up early and to doc’s office for my shot and then off to the south end of town for a mechanic to take a look at the Escape. It has redeveloped the engine miss like it had last winter. He was busy so we have to take it back Monday for computer analysis. From there it was back to the west side and the post office where we get our pension checks and then to the bank. From there to on to a quick, take-out breakfast/lunch and off to the north side of town and Home Depot where Carolyn had to buy a few janitorial supplies. It was past two-o’clock when we got back home and I was very tired.

Sammy is coming today; I should be weary again by the time he leaves at around four this afternoon. It will be a good weary, though.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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  1. Yes, it was busy time.
    Have great time with Sammy. 🙂

    I just read what happened in Denver. I’m very sorry my friends that such tragedy touched your country. Poor people who lost their life in the cinema.

    • That is terrible; can’t even go to watch a movie without getting shot.
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. I got back here. I could watch also TV news. I know that police arrested this crazy man but nobody knows why he was shooting to people. The victims are also among the children. God!

    • I’ve been watching what I can on the net; too many guns in this country in the hands of anyone who wants to cause death and problems like this. Bullets have no conscience.
      Thanks, Jola.

  3. I think there is no solving the gun problem in this country.

    • We can cure some symptoms but the disease will always be here.
      Thanks, Mark.

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