Monday moans

East Tennessee

Jeremy and Courtney are settling in and are living near Los Angeles. Courtney already has a job and Jeremy has some good prospects. Good luck, young’uns.

Sammy was here Friday and again Saturday. He slept a lot of the time; he must be a tomcat at night. He did manage to stay awake long enough on Friday to completely tire-out his old g.grandpaw.

We got enough rain in the past few days to make the grass green again; still rains nearly every night.

Off the net since Friday night; someone hacked my modem. It was mysteriously back in service this morning.

Didn’t sleep well last night. Hope to be back in full swing by tomorrow.

Photo made Thursday morning near where I live.

Have a good Worshday!


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  1. such beautiful hills in this photo. I’ll bet in the fall, this is a wonderful place for a long walk. hope Jeremy and Courtney are doing well and it sounds like they are looking forward to their new life. Keep us posted! and we will wish them good luck and much happiness. hot as blazes here, no rain. My tomato plants are trying to make a comeback. the new baby bird is adorable, he is 10 weeks old and very wobbly. My red lory, Pepper, is very jealous and wants to literally be on me all the time. He can’t bear the thought of not being my alpha male. There is enough love to go around, I’m sure of it. more photos on him/her soon.

    • E. Tennessee is very nice in the fall of the year; I hope you get to enjoy it sometime.
      The weather is crazy; our dearth of rain has turned to too much rain and flash flooding.
      I can imagine Pepper’s jealousy; he must be beside himself.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. How is it possible that someone hacked your modem, my friend? It may happen another time. Your modem should be much more safe. I’m sure you pay quite high bills for it. In my country net access is still too much expensive; and it’s broken from time to time too.
    It’s amazing that Jeremy and Courtney could find their job so fast in a new place. America!!!
    I agree with Tammy. Your photo of green East Tennessee is beautiful. Please post it on Flickr. And this previous one too.
    I’m reading today Tammy’s comment and I smile.
    Have a splendiferous week, my American friends.

    • Modems must be easy to hack because there is little upstream protection for them. Not much a hacker can do to one except annoy the owner. It costs me $45/month to be online which is too much. Our service is decently reliable and the adsl speed is consistent.
      Courtney found a job with a very large corporation; she has very good office skills. Jeremy can do almost anything.
      I will put the photos on Flickr as soon as possible.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. The fall weather is not that far away. Can’t wait for some fall mornings.

    Jola is right about net access being to expensive here. Lovely capitalism.

    I might have moved to Venice Beach if I was them.

    • Man, I love summer; fall is beautiful and refreshing but I can stand a lot of ugly and tiring summer. Autumn is just too damn close to winter.
      The net should not be more than $20/mo. here.
      Jeremy said they would move closer to the beach within a year or so. I hope he or Courtney soon have an opportunity to post their move adventures on a blog; they had an apartment rented near LA before they left Atlanta but when they got there, they had no place to live. They were virtually homeless for a few days.
      Thanks, Mark.

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