Darling Clementine

Happy weekend!

Carolyn has gone to take Sammy for his medical checkup; he is still tugging at his right ear.


  • Hooray for Europe following Poland’s lead in slapping down ACTA.
  • Hooray for France for taxing the richest citizens and companies.

I was planning to have a decent 4th when the doorbell rang and it was a process server with an appearance warrant for me due to an unpaid debt. So, I am getting sued … again. I’ve been to the courthouse so much in the past two years that workers there think I am just another employee.

CitiMortgage sold the mortgage on our old house to PennyMac. PennyMac is a company founded in 2008 by the officers of Countrywide Financial which is the one company most responsible for the housing market fall and the mess I am in.

Got my shot yesterday; if the liquid medicine is going to work, it should begin doing so within a couple of weeks; until then, I will struggle on with soreness and feeling of perpetual tiredness on some days days, like the last two have been. Actually, I am much better than what I was two weeks ago.

I will try to answer the comments from the past few days when the fingers decide to work together.

Have a good Friday.

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  1. This video … WONDERFUL !!! I wonder when the movie was made. History of the USA is fascinating. History of society is always the most interesting.
    I heard a lot about the housing market fall in America but it’s painful when it touches my good friend.
    Shot works. Good!!!

    • I’m guessing that much of the video is from 1930-1950 era; some made even earlier. Seems like folk I grew up around.
      The housing market is still not at bottom, and the big banks that caused it are being rewarded instead of being prosecuted.
      Thanks, Jola 🙂

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