Politician or used car salesman?

Sammy is coming so I must be quick writing this blog.

Not much happening except heat. I can’t understand how it can be so hot and humid without a raindrop to be had anywhere. Mark, the Channel 11 weatherman, says we will have only a chance of the much over stated late afternoon and evening thunder showers; no steady rain in sight. My lawn is browning into summer stupor; three weeks ago it was till being mowed twice each week.

Carolyn and Chris bought me an ebook reader; actually a tablet pc. I think it was a combination late-father’s day and early birthday gift along with a get well and get out from underfoot bribe. Not many soon-to-be 68 years-old geeks are as nerdy as I. Nohow, I can read my Kindle ebooks and my Nook ebooks along with about any other format out there. It uses standard Google Android OS as does my Droid X phone which makes it easy for a forgetful old pervert to learn.

Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. I like this brand: Samsung. I have such laptop. Smart girls!! They really knew what kind of present would be the best for you. 🙂
    When I want to be in a good mood I’m looking at the photos of Sammy. He is so cheerful child. i’m sure it was interesting for him in the photo studio. So many things attracted his attention; also the yellow toy clock he holds in his small hand. It’s great shot, my friend.

    • I hinted long enough so that they would know what to get. I like it.

      Sammy finds a lot of things to be amusing, even his g.granddad can cause him to chuckle at times. The studio shots are ok but I like my homemade shots better.

      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Toy block, of course.

  3. Same here. Hot and getting hotter. No rain in sight for a least the next week.

    The Galaxy Tab is the leader in the Android market for tablets from what I understand. Nice present i must say. Bet you end up using that more than anything else.

    • Every company is looking for a Kindle Fire killer but it will be tough to top Amazon.
      I haven’t opened my laptop since getting the Tab.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. The right tablet will come along soon enough, maybe from Amazon.
    But you have the top dog right now.

    • So many new ones out now; someone will soon have a great one for $150 or less. Amazon is still overpricing their product and limiting the apps you can download.
      Thanks, Mark.

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