“While I was musing the fire burned” ~Psalm 39:3

How come it is that only a country singer can take a gentle love song and make it sound like a funeral dirge?

Tammy, send RAIN!

Have a Tuesday!

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  1. you can have all my rain and all my freaking frogs, tadpoles and minnows that are living in the open space once called my back yard. Ankle-deep water out there my friends. I can’t bear to see the garden in this condition. the new job is coming along just fine. I’m on a learning curve and am not making much money just yet but that will increase as I learn the new system. My new boss seems very nice and is appreciative. which country song is this sentence from? I’m flipping through the songs in my brain and can’t identify it. could be Johnny Cash maybe…

    • I knew you were getting a lot of rain in the area; too bad it had to be so much at your house. I feel badly for your garden.
      I’m sure if anyone can conquer the new job it will be you; somehow I don’t think you are a quitter.
      A lot of male country singers make what should be gentle love songs sound as it they were desperation beer drinking songs and dirges. I had Charlie Rich on my mind when I wrote it, but there are many others. I suppose it is the nature of the country style. They can’t all be Hank Sr, or Willie. Hadn’t thought of Johnny Cash but his gravely voice sometimes came off as being too sad; he is still one of my all-time favorites, though.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. Like this psalm. Beautiful.

    • Thank you Jola. Psalms is one of the best books in the Bible. 🙂

  3. Real country songs come from the real pain folks feel.

    We get heat this week. No rain in sight.

    • There is a big difference in most commercial country music and the real thing heard on Saturday night at the local bar.
      Thanks, mark.

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