Memories are made of this …

Sammy’s 1st Birthday studio portrait

Carolyn hounded me for a week about today being the day I’d rescheduled my family doc’s appointment; 8:20am. For some reason it did not sound right; I thought I had put the new date on my PC reminder program but it was not popping up. Well, I didn’t sleep well last night; much shoulder pain. At 7:00am my Droid alarm went off and she had me to the doc’s office on time. The only trouble was that I was there a month too early; the appointment is for July 25. When I got home, I went to bed and caught a few minutes sleep and then came to the computer; yep, there it is on my reminder calendar for July 25. Damn, I took a bath and shaved for nothing! Carolyn’s memory has just about caught up with mine. I used to be the person in the family everyone came to to find out a birthday or an anniversary. I also remembered all my friends and their kids birthdays. In the past two weeks, I wrote a Happy Name Day greeting for Jola and forgot to click the “send” button and a few days later I almost forgot Tammy’s Birthday but I think I did send her a greeting; actually I am afraid to look at my email “drafts” folder. I am afraid my message to her is still unsent. The worst part of aging for me has been the memory loss. Now, it seems to be plaguing my bride as well; don’t be surprised if you find us walking the roads and streets with a blank look on our faces. By the way, a belated Happy Name Day to Jola and Happy Birthday to Tammy and if I missed anyone else, I offer a sincere apology and a Happy Whatever it was.

This Thursday, I will once more begin taking the methotrexate injections and forgo the ten pills once per week. I went from the shots to the pills more than a year ago and had no problems until about two months ago when I felt the RA acting up; just a little at first has now bloomed into a full-blown pain crisis. I have had the disease since childhood and I have had lots of pain and soreness but never as much as I have been enduring the past two weeks. The worst part is that the shots may no longer help me and it probably will be about three-to-six weeks before they alleviate any of this … if they do work. Anyway, I will be blogging less over the waiting period and won’t be on the net much. If you leave comments, be assured I will appreciate them and that I will read them but I may not answer them in a timely manner.

Have a good Worshday!


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  1. oh my gosh this baby is more adorable by the second! thanks for the Bday greetings. It wasn’t one of those spectactular-balloon-falling-from-the-sky birthdays as it normally is. I’m saving this year’s birthday wishes for next year when I can afford to go away for a long weekend and stay stoned for 4 days straigth. You have entertained us for so long dear friend that we can now carry some of the load. If you don’t feel well enough to type we will miss you but will check in with you often to send love and gentle healing energy. oops, back to work for me…

    • Hope you get your four day high next year; I think all of us need on occasionally. I want one right now. I am doing fairly well with typing today; some days I can’t make my shoulders life my arms over the keyboard. Thank you for your well-wishes; they work.
      Thanks, Tammy 🙂

  2. Sammy is adorable!!! Yellow colour fits him. It’s lovely photograph.
    I like how you wrote it: Damn, I took a bath and shaved for nothing! 😉
    I keep my fingers crossed for your new therapy, my friend. I’m sorry that RA was so painful two weeks ago. Please take care of yourself, and don’t worry about the net. Your good health is the most important.

    • The yellow is the outfit Carolyn and I bought for him. He would just as soon be naked.
      I think the shots will help some; the important things are to overcome the chronic tiredness and to get off the crutches as quickly as possible. It will be a while yet.
      Thanks, Jola.

  3. Hopefully the shots work and in less time than a couple weeks.
    I hear there is a new drug, Tofacitinib, that has or is coming to the market for RA.
    Maybe you can go that route.

    Yea, I forgot Tammy’s birthday. I called a week late. Poor conduct on my part

    • Maybe because I have been taking the pills the shots will react much quicker. I hope Tofacitinib works for a lot of people; may even help me a bit.
      I hope Tammy will forgive us.
      Thanks, Mark.

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