Shhhhh …

Quiet today … too quiet. Haven’t heard a train since last evening; very unusual for a “normal” day of commerce. Must be a derailment somewhere. A good quietness.

This is the day we normally have Sammy as a guest but he decided to stay home until Friday. His absence is a lonely quietness.

I am eating a raw potato as I write this; Carolyn bought some new potatoes and sweet corn at market yesterday. We will have lima beans, corn on the cob (roast’nears), mashed taters, boiled cabbage, and biscuits for today’s meal … and tomorrow’s and the next day’s …

A good Wednesday to each of you.

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  1. V. beautiful song; so well known for my generation.
    Raw potato? I wonder how it tastes. I eat only cooked potatoes or baked. Now when I’m too weak to cook anything ( I stay in bed) I eat chicken soup. Special chicken soup with gentle noodles which D. buys in our small Vietnamese bar.
    Good Wednesday to you too, my friend.

    • Try a raw potato. My mom craved and ate them while I was in her womb so I guess I must have liked them too.
      I usually eat beef soup or vegetable soup; I don’t much care for chicken.
      Be well, my friend. 🙂

  2. I love fresh corn on the cob.

    Vietnamese soup is oh so good. Had some for lunch yesterday.

    • I haven’t eaten food from very many countries other than US. I should.
      Thanks, Mark.

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