Dark Ages

Atop Roan Mt.

I don’t have place names or even people names for the new story, but otherwise there is some decent stuff. I am glad there is very little historical information about the European Dark Ages because it allows me to keep my tale in this world and be able to lie like a politician. I will use some politics but I will keep religious involvement to a minimum which won’t be easy because as I understand the period, Roman Church suppression of learning, knowledge, and scientific advancement is why they were called the Dark Ages. We will be in the latter part of the long era, just before the Renascence and where war is war and greed is greed and human nature is much like it is today.
The gist of it all is the question of ‘what if one person or one nation controlled the total mass-production of man-made commercial fertilizer for and entire continent and beyond’ and what if that nation had become a near-Eden because of climate changes? What if the Roman Church did not have its golden power-hungry hands heavily involved in the nation’s affairs? Of course, such a nation is doomed because the Church will not rest until it owns the wealth of land and controls the minds of the people.

Yesterday I was soaking in fluid; so much in my joints that I could hardly move without grunting or groaning. A fluid pill knocked most of it out of me and a good night’s sleep–even though I still had to pee a lot–has made me feel better today; at least good enough to agitate y’all with my literary drivel.

As Mark said on his blog, the recall election in Wisconsin will set the future of America; either we continue on the path to a modern Dark Age which Conservative’s have laid out for us or middle-class tax payers will let be known that we want to control our lives and livelihoods and reinstate the sacred Constitution of the United States of America.

Sammy is supposed to honor our house with his smiling presence come tomorrow.

Have a Tuesday!

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  1. I’m glad you feel better, my friend. I’m afraid that such terms like ‘Roman Church’ or ‘Dark Ages’ are not clear for me. We call it rather ‘the Middle Ages’. There are two traditions of Christian religion; Latin (Rome) and Byzantine (Constantinople). Yes, it was a deep division between them and that’s why Russian (or Greek) alphabet is so “strange”. We (Poland or Austria or France etc.) are heirs of Latin tradition and we are proud of it. I treat Rome as it was my second home.
    I think your story will be a bit like a famous novel The name of the rose. Have you read it? It’s really great literature, and I’m sure your new story will be wonderful too.
    My v. gentle kiss for Sammy. 🙂

    • Dark Ages: Originally the term characterized the bulk of the Middle Ages, or roughly the 6th to 13th centuries, as a period of intellectual darkness between the extinguishing of the “light of Rome” after the end of Late Antiquity, and the rise of the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century. ~Wikipedia
      Dark Ages (historiography), the concept of a period of intellectual darkness that supposedly occurred in Europe following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. ~Wikipedia
      I use the term “Dark Ages” loosely. All I need for the story is a setting at a time between the extinguished enlightenment of classic Roman Empire and the beginning of the new enlightenment, the Renascence. A time when education was suppressed for fear it would outshine the church, be it the Holy Roman Church or the church of Emperor Constantine around the Istanbul area. Each country had one king, several land owners, many merchants, but mostly serifs to do the hard work. Yes, this was a system encouraged by the prevailing Christian religion which was the Roman Catholic Church but it has little to do with the crux of my story, which is fertilizer … according to how one sees it, I suppose. Think for a moment about how modern commercial fertilizer is made and from what it is made and you may see that the story is to be a bit droll and mostly about people. All I need is a story setting-place-time which is dark, as in little known. That leaves me to create my own world on this real earth and not have to travel to another planet or universe to make it work.

      I must admit I have never read The Name of the Rose but I have seen the movie which I didn’t think highly of. Hopefully the book is much better. 😦

      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • Thanks for your clarification, my friend. I look forward to your new story. 🙂

      • Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Is your story going to have orks and trolls and wizards. I’d like that.

    We are now in the age of repression. It will be written hundreds of years from now.

    • Man, I want it to have wizards and magic and pixies and trolls but I must leave them to Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series of books. He covers them very well and they are so damn funny. I did get my story idea from Pratchett.
      When the only choices are bad choices, people seem to make the worst of choice of the two. I am supporting the Green Party but it is like futile.
      Thanks, Mark.

      • I’ll have to check out Discworld.

        It may be futile, just like the whole process.

      • Discworld is funny if you like British humor.
        You are young and must keep fighting; at my age, I will never live to see enough meaningful changes for it to make a difference.
        Thanks, my friend.

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