Reasonable weekend, so far. I have a few lines written in the new story which I have tentatively titled “The New Story”.

There is a new crack in the mystic universe … Carolyn bought herself a (drum roll) smartphone! Not any smartphone, a Droid Bionic smartphone. Carolyn is a person who can barely figure out how to call out on any phone that doesn’t have a rotary dial. I can see her and Google now arguing over transferring her contacts info to the Droid; she don’t even remember her email account name or password. I know what they are but I’ll be damned if I tell her because it will open a Pandora’s Box of “Wayne, show me how’ to do this or show me how to do that. She doesn’t have Facebook, she doesn’t have Flickr, she doesn’t have Megashot, she doesn’t read my blog. All she does is blab on the phone for hours at a time; I bet her smartphone dumbs down before she smartens up. She will not use any of that stuff; she hates computers and she nor I have ever used text. Me because my clubby fingers are not conducive to working tiny keys and she because she won’t take time to learn. She should have it traded for a regular cell phone within a week or so. The new Droid will be here mid-week; anyone want to hide me out for the duration? I don’t eat much and I am potty trained but I still have all the regular male bad habits which I will try to suppress.

Have a good Sunday!

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  1. Please come to Poland, to Warsaw … 😉
    Very funny blog. My warm hugs for both of you!

    • Yes, Warsaw would be fine in many ways; far enough away so that I can’t feel the world shake when Carolyn goes spastic. 🙂
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. It’s a good thing Carolyn does not read your blog or I might hear you holler when she clonked you upside your head with the rolling pin. However I did get quite the laugh myself.

    • Actually, she did see the blog after I posted it; she said “cute!”.
      Thanks, Mark

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