Happy Day

Sammy was with us yesterday and was wired to walk. He still has to have a helping hand for balance, but he is getting better at it each day. I was in my desk chair and he had hold of my left thumb; he started walking and around and around we went until he decided it was enough and turned, changed hands and grabbed my right thumb and went the other direction for a few turns. He then went walking through the house several times with Carolyn’s and JJ’s help. By the time he had to go home, we were worn out but he had taken a long afternoon nap and was ready to go again.ImageImageImage

The photos were made with my f/1.4 50mm lens which I plan to use a lot more since my fingers have become so sore. It is lightweight and easier to keep around my neck for long periods. Sorry about using the flash; it is a necessary evil at times.

I planned to begin writing the body of my new story today, but for some reason I am a bit tired and have a sleep hangover; I downed half a Xanax last night and it put me down hard. I have 2.5 of the pills left in the bottle and no refills; soon, I will have to depend on Ambien. It works well and leaves less hangover, but for some reason I don’t trust it.

From Rocky Top to each of you; have a great Thursday!

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  1. I had a great Thursday. I had finished all my 17 analyses and my superior accepted them. I’m proud of my myself!!!
    I love the photos of Sammy. 🙂 🙂 :- )
    God!!! How much you are happy if you could be with Sammy. He is happy in your photos and he is really a little brave man. It moves me so much that he was walking and all three of you tried to help him to do it. It’s beautiful!
    Please take care of yourself, my friend.

    • You should be proud; it was a tough month for you.
      Sammy is nothing but a lot of love and a lot of fun when he is here.
      One time yesterday, he was trying to cry because granny left the room and he was dancing to JJ’s guitar music at the same time.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • I came back here to look at him. I love all three photos. 🙂

  2. Great pictures of the happy little man.

    I never got hangovers from Xanax. I hear that Ambien can be an issue for some people.

    • A full Xanax will put me drowsing again by 3pm.
      Thanks, Mark

  3. you can’t secure any more of the X? I never have hangovers from it either but my new PCP seems to think it is “dangerous.” Pfft. Little does she know I can eat 2 of them at at time and still function. My goodness little Sammy poo has some eyelashes!!! he looks pretty happy and soon spinning you around in the chair won’t be enough to satisfy him – he’ll be running! This swampy Florida air is so thick we could drink it. A storm has been parked over us for nigh on a week now and the garden is sog-gy. The mosquitos are thick as thieves and whoever said Florida summers are beautiful wasn’t living here. Can’t wait to hear about Jola’s vacation news. My job is on the chopping block as our office hired a transcription service out of Canada to take over. They were waiting to tell me at the very last minute but i found out quite by accident. Finally, my boss caved into my pressure and admitted that yep I’ll be w/o a job as soon as we get “caught up.” I took this afternoon off to polish my resume and start the looking process. I’ll try to stay positive but the image of a flame-thrower torching the building keeps running through my mind. I don’t think soap sales will pay the mortage.

    • I hope you don’t lose your job, dear Tammy. It’s difficult situation for every family. My vacation will be in the end of July. Please write me your Florida address. I will send you a nice postcard. My email: jolakrol1@wp.pl
      Have a great weekend, my American friends.

      • 🙂

    • I should get some more X when I go to my internist Monday afternoon. She will probably give me a years worth of prescriptions. Sammy has his mom’s eyelashes. I think he will be walking on his own when his first birthday comes around on July 3. You’ve been getting rain and we have been dry. I really am very sorry to hear about your job and I hope you will quickly find something else that is similar and better.

      Soap sales; do you have a website? A few years ago I researched online selling for start-ups with a product but the product did not particularly standout from many others online. You can sell different scents, shapes, and styles of soap, but you need a gimmick; one soap that will standout in someway from most of what is on the market. A different or bolder scent, special shapes made to order, and advertising to let people know you have a different and better product. I have faith in you; you will overcome.
      Thanks, Tammy

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