Memorable Memorial?

Overall a pretty bad weekend with some nice highlights. Hope y’all had a good one. Sammy was supposed to come over today but he is with his dad. Carolyn has gone to work to finish up what she didn’t get done Friday.

I rode to the market with Carolyn on Saturday afternoon and made one of my best “social commentary” photos. A lot of hay being mown around the farms so the old eye allergies decided to kick in full blast yesterday. Today is sore all over day but I am gradually working some of it out.

It is sweltering hot in these hills; we badly need rain.

This coming week would have been very busy at my grandma’s house when I was growing up there. Plenty of crepe paper of many colors would have been bought along with galvanized wire for creating stems, and flower making would be under way. Back then, Decoration Day was the first Sunday in June and it was for all our past family members whether or not they were veterans. Each and every grave in our two local cemeteries got at least a small bunch of flowers, and and many plots in other graveyards around the area were visited so that passed family could have a colorful memorial. For many years, the flowers didn’t last long on the graves, night time dew took its toll on colors and shapes, the sun bleached out colors, and the least bit of rain made them look awful. Finally someone came up with the idea of dipping the finished flowers in melted paraffin and this helped them to last for a few weeks instead of just a few days.Β  The wax did have a propensity to dull the colors as soon as it was applied.

I have begun writing another story and it is unlike anything I’ve ever attempted. It is set in Dark Ages Europe, a time which seems dark only to historians because the people in my tale had fairly normal lives.

Have a memorable Worsh Day!

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  1. A story set in Dark Ages Europe?! it’s really amazing project. I’m thrilled, my friend. πŸ™‚
    I love the world of your memories. I wish I could see such cemetery decorated with these gentle paper flowers. Actually cemeteries fascinate me. Hope you remember my flickr photos of Jewish cemetery in Warsaw. A few years ago my husband made really fantastic photos of the cemeteries in Spain; flowery cemeteries, very special, very beautiful.
    Have a great Memorable Day, my friends.

    • I hope to keep it a brief story and make it a bit funny.

      We old generation still have Decoration Day next Sunday, but now the flowers are store bought and made of silky cloth and plastic. They still make the graves pretty but hand-making the flowers with love and care were part of the on-going connection we kept with family we had lost. The circle has been broken.
      Yes, I remember very well your fine photos from the Jewish cemetery. Even back in my old film days of shooting, I spent much time in cemeteries trying to capture some “thing” that defines the place and people buried there along with the people who buried them. Sadly, I never did make such a photo, and I have never been able to put the meaning into words.

      Thanks, my friend. πŸ™‚

  2. I like reading the inscriptions on the tombstones. I agree; it’s not easy to catch such “thing”.
    Your social commentary photo Ken … I love it!

  3. so sorry to hear you are struggling a bit to remain on the healthy side of the coin. I don’t know of many families that do have any sort of traditional gatherings other than the scripted holidays. I can almost see the gravesites as you describe them. I forsee in the years to come generations living again under one roof again. In these economic times family living seems most prudent. I think it will make us all more patient with one another. πŸ˜‰
    A squirrel climbed my 15-foot tall sunflower and ate the sunflower bud right off the top. On the way up and down he mangled the leaves. I would have blown him clear out of the top of that plant if I had seen it happen and his hide may just be tacked up on the side of my barn if I had caught him. But he has a full belly and I have a pitiful dead sunflower.
    the last of the storm is leaving us. happy week.

    • I don’t know if extended families these days have enough patience to live under one roof. Seems like the the more people are connected via phones, internet, etc., the more isolated they want to be. Personal space used to be 10 minutes on the toilet; now it takes a room in a house to have “space”. Dad has his den or worse, man-cave … gawd!, mom has her sewing room, kids have a play room which they don’t want to share, grandma has her own room, and teens have … hell, who knows what teens have or are thinking; whatever it is isn’t good enough.
      Sorry about the sunflower. I spent en entire semester of college listening to a philosophy professor/preacher tell me that it is the nature of animals to annoy people. I expect you could tell him a few things.
      We are getting some clouds and cooling temps from your storm but no rain as yet.
      Thanks, my friend.

  4. Families under one roof will lead to Xanax abuse.

    Never heard of Decoration Day. Should be promoted more.

    • I’ve always heard that no house is big enough for two families, kin or not.
      Decoration Day is still observed by oldsters around here.
      Thanks, Mark.

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