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The bitch I have with Elton John coming to Freedom Hall is the well known fact that he is g-a-y! He was also gay the last time he was in Johnson City. No, I am not anti-gay; I’m anything but anti-gay. Unless you are an American whom is dead, blind, deaf, and have no sense of smell, you know what a stink our religious/political leaders are raising about gays being an “abomination” in the eyes of God. Yet, since it was announced that John would be here in concert, I’ve not heard one squeak of a desent, either for his appearance 12 years ago or the forthcoming event in September, about an openly gay person performing for the clean, heaven-bound souls of Johnson Citians, God’s chosen people. For Christs’s sake, Elton Twinkie has been seen wearing huge, pink-framed eye-glasses with windshield wipers on them … that actually work! How perverted can a person be! Apparently his freakish attire and ungodly mannerisms are fine with the religious-political community. Heaven help us. Welcome back to Johnson City, the new Heart of Old Dixie. Mr. John.

In the late 1990’s when it was announced that Marilyn Manson was supposed to perform in concert at the same Freedom Hall Civic Center, all hell (literally) broke loose. Many a pastor, preacher, priest, reverend and saint for miles around bombarded the local rags with letters of protest about the “Devil Worshippers” bankrupting the precious young ears of the community of their God-given Souls. City leaders were inundated with a united effort using everything from reason to pleads to threats against their families if Marilyn Manson was allowed to soil the pristine and holy mountain air. In the end, the City Commission voted to disallow the concert and once more peace and harmony was waged across area. The good people went back to their Sunday pews, pulpits, and hangovers, knowing the only devils left to fight were other religious denominations—mainly Catholic—doing business just up the street.

After the dust settled, JC found that it had been blacklisted by most rock-and-roll musicians, as well as jazz and bluesmen; this delighted the religious bigots. All the city could book was an occasional country act, a washed up opera singer, ice shows, rodeos*, a few religious or gospel music events, and a few “I-used-to-be-somebody” acts like Elton John; wholesome stuff no young folk wanted to see. The city and its businesses have lost hundreds of thousand of dollars in tax revenue and income because the few were allowed to dictate to the many. Young people now travel to Asheville, Knoxville, Charlotte, and Roanoke to see concerts that Johnson City could have presented.

Both these entertainers are showmen, and the people of the area should be able to spend their money to see them if they so choose; if citizens don’t want their children exposed to such, keep them at home and deny them access to television, newspapers, radios, and internet. Parents and preachers shouldn’t blame their own inadequacies on the rest of us.

Have a Yee-Haw Thursday, my friends!

*Rodeos, circuses, etc. should be banned due to their cruelty to animals.

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  1. I don’t like Marilyn Manson nor his Satanic Rock. I do like the music from Elton John. I’m not against gays nor expression of religion or non-religion… About 5 years ago, I read an article about the homosexual population in college towns. ETSU ranked #1 for gays per population. Folks back home don’t realize how many of the “unwanted” people are around them daily, but hide their sexuality… I strongly agree with the rodeos and circus’. They should all be banned for cruelty to animals. I’m sign many many petitions that called for different stipulations in each petition, mostly against B&B Brothers. The use of bull-hooks on elephants and the confined spaces the animals are kept in during travels and shows. JC needs to understand that they are losing a lot of tax dollars and Freedom Hall has very little use, unless they are willing to book some big, relevant gigs. Enjoy your day folks!

    • I don’t like Marilyn Manson either, but for a different reason. I like his stand against immoral churches trying to dictate our lives; I see that as the purpose of his in-your-face lyrics. I don’t like him because he is a jerk. I am very neutral on Elton John’s music and I applaud his life and lifestyle. I wonder how many gay Americans have given their lives so that the self-righteous can have the freedom complain. “Freedom” should be removed from the name of the building and it can just be “Hall”; there is no artistic freedom to be enjoyed in JC. The place sure isn’t paying for itself. I have great memories from Freedom Hall and many of them I was too fried to remember.

      Thanks, Jeremy.

  2. no to the rodeo here too. Excellent perspective you shared today dear friend. Mr. Manson is a smart businessperson. Like him or no, the dude really is intelligent and milked the system BIGTIME!!! I think it is all an act for him, the entire thing.
    As usual, humans are the problem. We are all made in HIs image; except for the gays and Elton I guess.
    only 1-1/2 more days of this crapola and I can get out of this CHAIR and away from this computer. The assasian bugs on on the march outta my garden and to sing the sweet song of death. (they don’t like fire or being cut in half). kisses… tamatha

    • Manson is definitely a bit of a rebel with a cause; I wish I had the moxie like he does to become celebrated for any reason.
      I wish the good religious people would reach out and slap down their fat-cat leaders who are the cause of the problem. We are in this world together.

      Have a relaxing weekend assassinating the assassins.

      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. Religious bigots are everywhere; they are among Catholics too. In Poland they don’t like Madonna. They protested against her concert in Warsaw a few years ago but I think nobody had listened to them. Madonna have many, many fans in Poland. I guess that Marilyn Manson is a great showman, unfortunately I don’t know him. Citizens of JC (not local authorities) should decide if they want him or not. If they want him, they will buy the tickets, if not – they won’t do it.
    A great post, Ken, and so interesting conversation, my friends.
    PS: One gay and one transsexual person won last election and they became members of our Parliament. It’s something new for us but most of people rather accept them.

  4. Marilyn has some decent tunes. Nothing earth shattering, but he knew how to play to the crowd and media. Savvy.

    Elton lost a lot sometime in the mid 80’s. I did see him in 81 and the concert was very good as he was still young at the point in his career. Hell, he played at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding, go figure that one.

    Many town leaders are clueless on how to take advantage of the arts and that allows towns like Asheville to grow and thrive. Bad for JC, good for Asheville.

    Gay schmay who cares. I sure as hell do not see a transsexual getting elected in the freedom loving United States. Good for Poland.

    • Just about every town around JC is building up their arts community; Bristol has a nice downtown, Elizabethton is coming back while JC committees and studies.
      Religion and politics = hypocrisy.
      Thanks, Mark

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