Sammy now has five teeth; he is ready for corn-on-the cob … or an unwary finger.

Sammy is now crawling … forward. He could crawl backward for a long time but it only made him mad at the world. Hopefully, he will be with us again Wednesday.

A man I admired for most of my life died last week. Carroll Shelby, a designer of such performance cars as the Shelby GT, the Mustang Shelby Cobra, and many other performance rides, died in Dallas, Texas.

I am not a winner, at least when it comes to prizes, bingo, lottery, and such. However, one of the blogs I read almost everyday had a jellybean counting contest. There was a candy jar nearly full of the multi-colored sweets and I had no idea as to the count. The blog owner was good enough to furnish us with the brand of beans therefore I asked for help from a higher power. I googled and found that a bag of that brand had a certain number ofΒ  beans. I went back an took a good look at the jar and decided it must have two bags of the delights so I sent in my guess of 935 after deducting a few and behold, I won a little gnome. He is at present on my desk watching me write this blog. He has his eyes turned up as if saying “I can do a better job than that” or maybe it is because my desk is so messy. I will post a photo of him as soon as I make one. I wonder what happened to the jelly beans? Other than a yellow ducky sponge at a fall festival in school, I’ve never won any kind of prize. Maybe my luck has changed; mega-millions is next.

Have a good Worshday; mine is unsettled weather.

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  1. I’ve never won a kind of prize too, maybe except a small glass heart made by a child who suffered autism. It was a kind of school auction.
    I like your little gnome, Ken. πŸ™‚
    Five teeth and crawling (forward); our Sammy is growing. He is adorable!!!
    A nice weather in Warsaw; a bit cold.

  2. I think we need a photo of the gnome! Crawling foward means very soon pulling oneself up on couches and stepstools and grasping for furniture doilies and tablecloths. I wonder does he have the standard four-legged crawl or the advanced got-to-get there style with one leg extended and planted firmly on the floor while the other three limbs remain in a crawl position? It is a fun time to watch a baby grow. My experiences with winning have also been few and far between. I did win an award for best dance costume recently at a dance function. We are hoping for rain. My maters and sunflowers are under attack by “Assasin bugs.” They look like armored beetles and have a long probiscus which they extend deep into the tomato to suck the juice out. They do bite humans and are aggressive. Natural repellents don’t seem to work. Yet one more reason why next year I will plant tomatos. (remind me of this will you?). Has any one of you seen or heard of these nasty bastards?

    • I just now made a photo of Mr. Gnome.
      He can already pull himself up and can stand alone until he realizes he is doing it. Yep, anything in his reach will be fair game. His crawl is standard 4 legged although he does try the other way.
      Assasin bugs are pretty common but I thought they just ate other bugs, thus the name. They do bite people and it is painful and the hurt lasts a long time. Be careful. May be time for carefully applied Sevin dust.
      Thanks Tammy and good luck.

    • Tammy … I have never seen these bastards. I think it would be too cold for them in my country. In summer we complain of mosquitoes. I try to avoid places where they live (the wood, the lakes). Well, I protect myself against them using chemical repellents. Mosquitoes are tiny but I really hate if they bite me.
      Take care!

  3. I once won $3500.00 in lotto. Many years ago now.

    I just put hot sauce around the garden where I could Alvin had been rooting around. Tomorrow I am going to the store and buying a big jar a generic hot sauce and have a garden party..

    How many times do you think Sammy will bite you? πŸ™‚

    • Alvin will invite his friends to your garden party.

      Sammy will bite me once and he will be put on a short leash. πŸ˜‰

      Thanks, Mark.

  4. We have successfully corrupted Jola. She has joined us in swearing.

    • I checked it (the word ‘bastard’) in my dictionary today. Oops. πŸ˜‰

      • πŸ™‚

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