Carolyn is working this morning and has to work this weekend. She and Vicki put in 10 hours of stripping and waxing floors last Saturday and she will be working at least one day of each weekend this month. We need the extra money but I hope it does not hurt her health. She had a doc checkup yesterday and all was ok except her blood pressure was up a bit. The clinic also did a diabetic eye exam for her but we won’t know results for a week or so. They dilated her eyes and she came home wearing ZZ Top’s cheap sunglasses; clinic issue. That woman cannot keep up with her own sunglasses.

I remember when farmer’s markets were little more than a few local gardeners getting together and selling produce from roadside stands. They have evolved into not only veggie purveyors but also flea markets, live music pickers and grinners, mimes, and some grocery sales all with hundreds of shoppers on Saturday mornings. A discerning browser can find about anything at today’s farmer’s markets.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Does it mean that she has many pairs of sunglasses? If so, Carolyn is like my daughter. She loves buying new sunglasses. It’s a bit funny.
    I hope Carolyn is a retired person, and her weekend job is only something additional. If she has a good co-worker, she is safe, I think. Please take care of your wife, my friend.
    There are no farmer’s markets in my city but we have a nice tradition of market halls.
    Weekend. UFFFF. At last!!!

    • She has only a few pair of sunglasses, but she can never find them.
      Carolyn still works each evening but not as much as she used to. She has her own janitor business and it keeps her busy enough.
      Our farmer’s markets are becoming much like European and Middle-Eastern bazaars.
      Have a good weekend, Jola. šŸ™‚

  2. I know that stripping and waxing floors is not an easy job. Very time consuming and back breaking.

    There several farmers markets around here this time of year and they reflect the people in the community. i suspect the main one in Asheville has to pretty intersting mix of food, folks, craft and music.

    • I haven’t been to the Ashville market in many years; it was pretty plain-jane then.
      Thanks, Mark.

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