Pat the Pope

East Tennessee State University graduated more than 1700 students last weekend. Mountain States Health Alliance (local hospitals, etc.) is firing 160 workers, blaming it on Medicare. Balanced economy.

America has a new self-appointed Pope! There has been a void in our communications directly to God since Jerry Falwell died a few years ago, but now televangelist Pat Robertson has had instructions directly from the Creator appointing him as the sole Soul-man and spokesman for God in what is becoming Godless nation. Somehow, God failed to mention his choice to anyone but Reverend Robertson. Praise the Lord and send Him your Social Security check via Pope Pat’s ministry.

Have a great Wednesday, my friends.

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  1. What a joke! Televangelists are like stand-up comedians, they make me laugh. Funny how folks consider themselves Godly and still claim to be religious and good people. Good ole America!

    • A soul capture by a tv preacher is worth a lot of money over time.
      Thanks, Jeremy.

  2. Televangelists = used car salesman. I swear they all look like car salesman to me. Like the kind from the 1970’s with the button up shirts just opened one button too low, the gold chains, slicked back hair just a tad too long and all the right buzz words. the worst part, people will send their checks and they will drive to the bank in the Cadillac praising the lord. I can’t think of a dirty enough word for them and I’m not as graceful with assembling biting remarks as you or Markie. I only know one thing – that ain’t representation of godly work.

    • I wonder which is higher in God’s pecking order, televangelists or used car salesmen?
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. It’s the same situation in Poland. Young people graduate university and they can’t find work. As for televangelists I can’t say anything; there is no such phenomena in my country.
    Good that you write your blog again.

    • Things change too fast. Kids are told to get a degree in one area that is doing well for jobs and by the time they graduate, that area of jobs has fallen apart and something else is in vogue.
      Thanks, Jola.

  4. How in the world can a healthcare organization be laying off 160 folks. It is about profits, not people.

    I think for many folks Pat Robertson has been irrelevant for many years.Like many of the old fools who have been preaching on tv for years he continues to diminish whatever worth he had by making completely moronic statements. If he was called home tomorrow I would not feel the slightest twinge as sadness. Or as I may say for Tammy’s sake, The old fucking blowhard needs to take a long walk off a short pier. We can only hope he doesn’t walk on water.

    • The hell of it is, it is a “non-profit” healthcare organization going through a huge building and acquisition period. It is so big that when it squeaks, county and city commissioners all show up with oil cans. It is a horror story.

      I know for a fact that most Southern Baptists (which he claims to be) don’t care for Robertson. I wonder how much $$ he has stashed in tax free off-shore banks.

      Thanks, Mark.

      • Not surprise they show up with oil cans and I bet a piggy bank or two.

  5. HAAA. thanks markie.

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