‘How fair is a garden amid the trials and passions of existence’ ~Benjamin Disraeli

Tammy's 7' (2.1meter) tomatoes ('maters)

I began preparing this post last Friday before going to doc’s office. After her examination, I wasn’t in much mood  to finish it. Except for some unexpected degeneration in my hands, wrists, and shoulders, she said I am exceptionally healthy for 90 year old man, and much better than most 67 year old men. She is continually astounded by the results of my blood tests over the 18 years she has been seeing me; she says I have the blood of an 18 year old which made me feel good because my heart doc says I have the circulatory system of someone many years younger than I. I’ve told them both the reason for the anomaly is because I refuse to grow up; no way do I want to completely mature emotionally, mentally, or physically. That little white-haired boy I knew in 1948; I must forever be seeing the world through his eyes; I must feel the cool spring mornings as he felt them; birds singing over a misty lawn, scented apple blossoms surrounding the house, bees and critters making so many tiny sounds that they became a a needed part of the ambiance. I became aware they were a necessary part of my world an my life and I must seek out the same  secrets of summer. I am 67 going on 10; a perfect vintage in any man’s age.

Saturday I was sick; the doc’s examination necessarily consists of checking flexibility of all my joints and most of the joins are very limited in any kind of movement, at best. Other than the artificial joints, I am mostly stiff in them. Doctor was gentle, but the slightest rotation on a non-replaced knee causes excruciating pain as well does any slight lateral movement to the knee. Using the crutches are wrecking my shoulders and she had to flex and rotate them, also. While talking about my young blood and for the first time ever, she asked if I was still sexually active. I suddenly had many cute retorts for any number of conceivable scenarios, but I reddened, hung my head, and muttered that I still got stiff erections. The answer seemed to satisfy her without really addressing the question she asked; ‘am I still getting any?’ She knows how shy I am.

Even not being at my best Saturday, we went driving to the Nolichucky area to the market and I persuaded Carolyn to drive across highway road and a mile or two into the mountains along Clark;s Creek. Quiet, peaceful, beautiful. By the time we got back home, I was barely moving; my old body was revolting against its young counterpart and filling with fluid. Most of it was gone by Monday night and I am back to near-“normal” today.

Monday morning came and no internet except for the 3G DroidX, which served to answer  a couple of short emails and do yesterday’s blog post.

Sorry I was late getting your photo posted, Tammy; the maters are probably ready to pick by now. I like the sunflower, too.

Hope y’all had a good Worshday and that you are having a Tuesday.


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  1. I’m happy you are on the PC again and write “Loose Laces”, my friend. You describe your life in quite exceptional way. I’m moved every time if I read your texts; and have a bit of fun too!
    I’m sure you were very glad when you could hear such good news from your doctor. I don’t see the direct link between blood and sexual activity so your doctor’s question would be a bit surprising for me too. However in case of men this is simple: erection or not erection. But what kind of criterion should we use in case of women? Well … this is really difficult question. 😉
    Lovely that you could be on Clark’s Creek. Only your knee worries me very much. Please take care of yourself. If the crutches wreck your shoulders please do not walk too much.
    We had a public holiday today. Labour Day. We could spend today sunny afternoon outdoors in our mom’s garden.
    Like the photo of Tammy’s Green Kingdom. 🙂

    • As you’ve found out, it is best not to take my blog posts too seriously; I nearly always smile while I am writing them.
      Do you think maybe the doc was flirting with me a bit? I wouldn’t realize it if she were; I’m very naive.
      For women, it may be more psychological than physical; I’ve often wondered if healthy women ever lose the ability to have and enjoy sex.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • I don’t think she was flirting with you, Ken. It was simply very careful interview, I think.

  2. tammy always has a nice, productive garden.

    Using crutches as long as you have must have caused some problems outside of the fact they are just plain annoying to use.

    The mixed bag of going to the doctor. Always a pleasure.

    My leg has been sore the last few days.

    • Crutches are a catch-22, for sure. I may try an air cast on my knee and at least be able to use a cane part time. I need to be out howling at the moon instead of farting around the campfire all night.
      I suppose some discomfort with the leg will be with you off-and-on for a long time. It was a bad break in a bad place.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. I am laughing and smiling to see you writing again. We are super busy with work so I can’t take too much time to write or reflect on your musings right now but will be back soon….

    • Happy you are getting enough work to keep you busy; hate to see you spend time in the garden. 🙂
      Thanks, Tammy.

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