Hacking is like walking a dinosaur

Sunday, Facebook was again hacked; this time megashot.net’s Macro page was taken over by someone else. The page belongs to Cyrus Khamak and he had himself and I as administrators. When he found out he could not access the admin. tools, he asked me to help him but I then found out that I was also removed as admin. As I understand the situation, after some sleuthing Cyrus found who the thief was and cajoled them into giving his his site back.

The Megashot pages–there are several covering different genres–are very popular with Facebook members and anytime something on the net becomes popular, green jealously pops up and begins trying to find ways to make other people’s lives as miserable as theirs. Mostly, Cyrus has done all the hard work to make Megashot possible along with the Facebook pages which allow more people to have their artwork and photographs seen by more people. However, there have been several more of us helping out in our limited ways trying to make the best photo site on the net even better.  Some of us were there testing features as they were coded and placed into the main body to make sure they worked like they were supposed to and that they got along with the other features; many times they didn’t and had to be debugged more than once. Finally, after two years of building and testing, Cyrus presented the site to the public in a “Beta” form, meaning we were still testing and things might not all work and and there could be outages. Now, as Cyrus works to bring version two of megashot.net into reality, photographers and artists should support his efforts by sending him a kind word of appreciation; after all, not one member has been asked to pay any money to use and enjoy the site.

All any of us ask is respect for the huge site and the ongoing effort that went into making Megashot and its satellite Facebook pages a reality and successful. Hacking isn’t nice.

Thank you.

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  1. It’s very sad that it happened. But it means that our personal FB accounts are not safe too. 😦
    Yes, hacking isn’t nice.
    Megashot photos are beautiful; a few of them I posted on my wall too.
    Can’t play the video. It’s not available in my country.

    • Nothing on the net is safe if someone else wants it bad enough. I’ll see if I can find another source for the video.
      Thanks, Jola 🙂

  2. Not sure why anyone is hacking Megashot. Its not like there is any financial info or anything like that on Mega. Seems odd. Someone must have something against Cyrus.

    • There are many pages on FB being hacked. FB privacy isn’t the best in the world and user passwords must be relatively easy to come by. I hope someone didn’t steal my password to hijack the Macro page but it is possible.

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