‘I never could get the hang of Thursdays’ ~Douglas Adams

Punk' N Center

So much for the “new” Blogger. The first couple of day’s spams were more numerous than ever but now they are back to the normal flow of a few each day. WordPress is molasses-slow and difficult to work with, but it is so much safer than Blogger; I will stick with it as my main host.

The mountains are socked-in and rain threatens. The frost last week heavily damaged the mountain apple crops by killing blossoms. Many tender leaves on the trees at my house have turned brown and we noticed a lot of damage in the area while we were out Sunday.

Let’s see today’s headlines: BP oil spill fish are sick; U.S. Secret Service agents get some Colombian nooky; TV legend Dick Clark dead; India tests new nuclear-delivery capable missile; Pat Summit quits as Tennessee Lady Vol head coach. One of these events bothers me much more than do the rest of them; can you guess which one? Nope, not Pat’s retirement; it’s the BP sick fish.

I had to buy a new hard drive yesterday because I know all these photos I’ve made over the years will be worth billions of dollars some day and I need a backup. I ordered from Amazon yesterday afternoon; it shipped from Nashville last evening; it is now on the UPS truck headed to my house. I’ve never had anything but no-hassle excellent service from amazon.com.

Hope we can keep Sammy tomorrow.

Have a Thursday to fondly remember!

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  1. Rip dick; I think he was quite a buisness man beneath all the botox and hair colorant. Amazon has been good to me too. I can’t help but wonder when the fish sickness will start showing up as major health issues in newborn babies and the elderly and that is my most depressing headline of the day as well friend. I hope Pat Summit is surrounded by plenty of loved ones as she navigates the waters of dementia. A male hummingbird visits me daily now and he brings me some happiness. My Eden is sleeping in the garden next to the red rose bush and Pepper and I go out to visit her quite often. Hope your eyes are feeling better.

    • I watched Dick Clark’s “Bandstand” back in the 50s on Saturday afternoons; it was one of the few outlets where kids could actually see their favorite bands and singers.
      The slick commercials BP is airing make me want to puke.
      Hummingbirds are cute, curious, and approachable; hope he stays with you and has some of Eden’s spirit.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. Ewa (you know her from FB) has gone to the USA or her vacation. She called me today when I was in the office and told me: “Jola, it’s so warm in New York. 27 C”. I shouted: “What?! 27 C?! Nope, that’s incredible.” She answered:”Yes, it’s summer here. And when I return to Warsaw, I will have another – my 2nd – summer”.
    Ewa is a bit crazy but really good woman. She was my boss in 2006 -2009. Now we are simply good friends. She promised me to buy a new little notebook. She claims that they are much cheaper in the USA than in Poland.
    Love you photo, my friend. Please post it on Flickr.
    Tammy, yes, of course, there are the daffodils and the tulips in my country. Now they are from glasshouses, in May, June and July they are growing in our gardens.

    • We are having crazy weather here; hot one day and very cool the next. I’m happy Ewa is getting to see N.Y.C. and I hope she can see more of the country, Paper items are one of the least expensive things American’s can buy, and even they mostly come from S.E. Asia or China.
      I posted the photo to Flickr.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Oh, sorry for my mistake. I thought about small LAPTOP ( but we call them in Poland also as notebook). She promised to buy for me a small laptop. My home laptop is too heavy for taking it for my trips.

    • It is good to have such a friend as Ewa. “Small” is one of the reasons I want a tablet PC; I can read books and do most of the other net things with one. 🙂

  4. BP will fight to keep as much of this from getting to the public and the real truth will be hidden. Much of it has already been washed away from the public forever unless somebody really knows how to dig.

    Amazon has always been great too me.

    Say Hi too Sammy.

    • Today is the second anniversary of what may be the most disastrous oil spill in America’s history yet BP is smiling it over. I still see as many cars at BP stations as are at other brands. We are to blame.
      Thanks, Mark.

  5. No accountability. Pay people off and forget.

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