Decent weekend


Sammy was with us for a few hours Saturday and his dad came home yesterday; he will be doing some of the Sammy-sitting now and we won’t see my Buddy as much. He is usually with us on Mondays but maybe we can get him later in the week. I saw the antique tricycle sitting on a crate in front of a candy store in Jonesborough. Now, I must somehow coerce the owners into selling it to me for Sammy to use. I’ve never before seen a tricycle as fancy as this one, nor a great-grandson as fancy as Sammy.

We got out into the countryside again yesterday; a satisfying jaunt but not many photos of note. We parked along Main Street in Jonesborough for our last stop; the little tourist-trap town has many good photo ops for a walking person. Some of the shops have closed down; three of them are adjacent and it is possible the landlord may have raised the rent to where carrying on equitable trade wasn’t possible.

I was out in the farmland long enough to have a dandy case of eye allergies this morning. Moisture drops, allergy drops, and Claritin are allowing these words to be written.

Beautiful, very warm weather once more in East Tennessee; pop-up thunderstorms are expected this afternoon.

Have a good Worshday!

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  1. I love this fancy tricycle too!!! Yes, it fits Sammy. Your Buddy will be happy if he gets such gift. 🙂
    I also read the Wikipedia article. Jonesborough seems to be a charming town. I would like to see it in person. Hope you hear my deep sigh, my friend.
    I’m happy you had such beautiful weekend.
    Please take care of yourself.

    • Jonesboro–now Jonesborough–of my youth was a sleepy little village where about 800 people lived. It is the county seat and the most excitement was when court was in session, especially criminal court. It is another place in time I would like to revisit for one day. Maybe someday you will come to America and have a chance to visit Jonesborough; if you search diligently, you may find one of my partial hand prints in a cement walkway that I left from when I was 10 years old.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. He would be the envy of his friends with that tricycle. Pretty cool looking. The shot is also pretty cool.

    It is always nice to get out and just roam around the countyryside. I am sure it brings back many memories when you go out. Make the stores all art galleries.

    80’s today.

    • Jonesborough has many memories for me; my first six grades of school were in the town and my first library card was from here. I bought my first cigarette here for five cents. I attended church in downtown for a few years and had my first haircuts here. My doctor’s offices were here and the Jackson Theater for Saturday cowboy matinees always beckoned. I shot my first game of pool at a hall on Courthouse Square and bought all my hunting and fishing equipment from a local merchant. The first gun I bought was a nearly new J. C. Higgins 12 gauge pump with bridged barrel with adjustable choke, fancy worked walnut stocks, and even fancier engraved metal work; I was 13 years old and the store allowed me to go into debt for it, no questions asked except for my name and address.

      Thanks, Mark.

      • Jonesborough was, is and will be always an important part of your life. Love your memories, Ken.

      • I probably shoul write a bit more about Jonesboro before it became Jonesborough; I remember only scraps and pieces.
        Thanks, Jola. 🙂

      • Those memories are priceless. That is one thing people lose when they move away. The memories are there but they are not the same.

        The days of walking into a store and getting anything just on your name and address are surely a distant memory for the most part.

        Good times.

      • Yes, it is nice to walk down a street in the old hometown and see your initials carved into storefront woodwork or look at an upstairs window and remember it is where the doctor who delivered you into the world had his office and is where you got some of your school shots. Hands-on memories are always best and they don’t tend to exaggerate as much.

        Thanks, Mark.

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