Another day of ‘up before the sun’. Another day of eye allergies, too. Cold last night; 31°F (.5°C) and supposed to be about the same tonight and tomorrow night. Chilly today but should be warm for the weekend. O’ Spring … how I miss ye!

I also miss Sammy on the days he isn’t here and there will probably be a lot more days without him from now on. We played with him extra hard yesterday because his dad is coming home and we will not see my Little Buddy as much. Carolyn’s eyes were damp after she came back from taking him home yesterday and our house was so was quiet; Sammy’s toys were still strewn about the floor and signs of his presence were everywhere. The sudden loneliness grabbed me a bit, too. Maybe we can keep him at least one day each week.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I’m reading today blog and my heart is squeezed. Even here in Poland, so far away of you, I feel how much both you and Carolyn love Sammy and miss him. I wish he could be in your house every week, one day at least. He is really lovely Little Buddy and you are his wonderful
    At last the days are warm in Warsaw!!!

    • Thank you for your kind comment, Jola. I think Carolyn and I would keep Sammy all the time if it was possible. We should still see him often, Carolyn more than I.
      Good for Varsovian Spring; I’m wishing we had some of ours back. 🙂

  2. (this comment window works a bit strange now)
    Lovely video. Good music and fantastic mood. 🙂

    • Yep, comment window IS strange today.
      I like that little band and their music.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Good music today. I feel your gentle weeping at the loss of Sammy’s presence. I think that he will always be a part of your life. the ties that bind are strong and even if you have to let him go for a little while now, you’ve got some good memories started with him. I hope his parents understand how important you and Carolyn are in his life and WILL be in his life. Sometimes parents are ridiculously dense when it comes to what is really important in a child’s life.
    I am missing my Eden so terribly. My heart feels broken in bits. The house is too quiet, much like yours I’ll bet. My little Pepper sits on my lap for hours as I type. He too is going through a grieving process for his sister and partner-in-crime. He calls for her and waits for her response. Thankfully we have each other and that will get us through.
    Mike accidently sprayed my tomato plants with weed killer. I am trying to be patient about this blunder but am also worried for my mater plants. Leaves on the bottom are brown but the new growth looks okay. Not sure what to do. Probably just run away, me and Pepper….

    • “Walk Softly” is an old Bill Monroe song and I like the Headhunters. 🙂
      I don’t think we will have any problem spending time with Sammy (his parents call him “Sam” after his dad but Carolyn and I call him Sammy. Sammy it is. I’m sure when his dad finds work my Buddy will be with us as much as ever.
      You and Pepper very much need each other and it is good that you do have each other. Families are at their best when they share grief.
      Well, if the maters don’t make it; look at the bright side; you live in Florida and can raise more without worrying about freezes like we have been having the last few nights. Still, you hate to see the hard work and dreams go up in a chemical fog; I’m sure Mike is very sorry.
      Thanks, Tammy

  4. I liked the Headhunters. i wish they had put out more albums. They were a good cross over band.

    Sammy needs to be around you and your home. You and Carlolyn are very much part of his life already, much more than he knows at his young age.

    • I’m sure we will keep Sammy at least one day each week; Carolyn hasn’t made him completely spoiled yet.
      Thanks, Mark.

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