We had a few spots of frost on the back lawn this morning; hope it didn’t freeze hard enough in the mountains to hurt the apple crop. Does anyone besides me know that ripe Winesap–Staymen–apples are the best there is for fresh eating? My mom and my grandmother knew it. Grandma’s biggest apple tree was a Winesap and much of her apple butter was made from its fruit. A fresh, ripe Winesap has a mostly red skin, crisp, white or light-yellow flesh which is sweet but a bit tart, makes great pies, and keeps well in a cool place. They ripen in late summer and early autumn in our hillside orchards. If you should decide to grow your own Winesaps, be aware that the trees do not make their own pollen and must be paired with another variety of apple tree, usually a red delicious or golden delicious.

Sammy was here yesterday; he is Spoiled! Not my fault, though.

Have a Tuesday!

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  1. Oh, what happened? I wrote a long comment, and it vanished; simply vanished. 😦

    • Sorry your comment was lost; I hope WP isn’t becoming like Blogger.

  2. American apple butter intrigues me. I would like to taste it. Apples are popular also in Poland. We love apple juice and apple pie. I like all kinds of apples; also winesap. 🙂

    • Apple butter is one of my favorite foods. I put it on pancakes instead of syrup, mix it with peanut butter for a great sandwich filling, eat it on hot butter-biscuits, and any other way I can find an excuse to have it. My grandma baked yellow layer cake and used apple butter for icing. After putting the apple butter on and between the layers, she baked it again until the apple butter darkened a bit. Delicious.
      Thanks, Jola.

      • Ummmm, now I feel a nice scent of your grandma’s cake. 🙂
        There is English shop close to my office (Marks&Spencer). I hope to buy there a little jar of apple butter. Anyway, I will ask for it.

      • If you cannot find any apple butter in Warsaw, I will try to find a little jar and mail it to you. The apple butter sold in stores is not nearly as good as homemade. Poland grows a lot of apples and I bet the country folk make some kind of apple butter. 🙂

  3. Wiktor Wołkow a great Polish photographer died. I loved his photos of Podlasie. I will post the link to the video about him on FB.
    WP refuses publishing this link here. V. strange!

    • WP is having problems today.
      I googled Wiktor Wołkow; he was a skilled and very good photographer.
      Thanks, Jola.

  4. All this apple talk is making me hungry. Apple dumplings my hands-down favorite. A cored, peeled apple plunked down in the middle of homemade pie crust. Fill the hole with cinnamon/sugar, wrap apple completely w/ the pie crust and bake till the apple inside is hot and steamy and the crust is hard and crackly. Cover w/ cinnamon/apple syrup (homemade of course) and serve hot w/ vanilla ice cream. This, my friends, is to die for and the dessert of my youth. It puts apple pie to shame if I do say so. wouldn’t it be fun for us all to share a cup of coffee & a slice of pie? I’ll bet Jola can find some sort of apple butter but perhaps they don’t call it “apple butter.”

    • That dumpling delight is coming to a house near me soon! Apples and cinnamon were made for each other and I am ready to kick back with pie and coffee.
      Thanks, Tammy. 🙂

  5. First of all I need to go back and get me the wheel barrow. Thank you.

    Secondly, apple pie or apple dumpling with or without ice cream both sound very inviting to my fat old stomach.

    • Umm, it should be “I need you to go back”.

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