American enterprise

Not much to write about other than eye allergies were strong over the weekend; it took Claritin and a lot of moisture drops to see me through. Pun intended.

Nice outside today; still a little chilly in the wind. Sammy is here so I will be happy playing with him some.

Have a splendid Worshday!

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  1. Lovely shot! I’m glad you posted it on Flickr and could make a few notes. 🙂
    I’m sorry that eye allergies bother you so much. Please take care of yourself. I’m going to my doctor on Thursday. Bright days so my allergy to sunshine has begun.

    • Allergies are typical of springtime; so many different flowers blooming.
      Hope the doctor has new medicines or treatments you can try; sun allergy sounds almost devastating.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. Lots going on in this shot. I like his ramp for the mower. I would say this guy is quite handy. Lots of neat junk. I like the guard dog. He/She seems curious about the goings on in his hood.

    • Been seeing more of this type thing in the past few years; probably a way to get around yard sale regulations. We first passed the shot by but I heard the dog barking and went back to take a look. He acted furious but was wagging his tail.
      Thanks, Mark.

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