A lazy day for me; I don’t feel enthused to face the tax forms, Sammy isn’t here–he has gone to visit his dad, and the weather is warm but a bit iffy in the rain department. Carolyn is hauling Ashley and Sammy and then will go to hairdresser and then to the bank and pharmacy. I am alone except for JJ in his room playing his guitar; hope how soon he starts mowing. Maybe some porch time for me later today?

By this time next year, I hope to have my right knee replaced and possibly one of my shoulders. The crutches are finishing wrecking my shoulders. Soon, just to be able to sleep, I will probably have to hang by my one good knee; “holy headaches, Batman!” I also hope to have some much needed dental work done. It all depends on Carolyn’s health and how much longer she can work and be willing to work.

Have a Tuesday!

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  1. Carolyn is a hard working woman. Is she also a no-nonsense type of a lady? or more laid back and just do what must be done? I’ve typed many a note for folks who do have good success with knee, hip and shoulder replacements and hopefully you’ll be one of those. then, if you are bored after you are all better you can carve little toys out of your crutches for Sammy (provided they are wood). It’s good Carolyn still gets her hair done, a gals gotta keep some special treats for herself. It is a beautiful day here; sunny and warm. I have the house completely open and I can hear the wrens and other birds serenating to each other across the yard. they sound twitterpated. So far so good with the bio-insectecide. I spray almost every day. I did notice a very small hatching of worms on the underside of a tomato bush but the spray knocked the crap out of them. (evil laugh inserted). back to work, hope you get to the porch and see something amazing.

    • Carolyn is laid back and would much rather put things off in the hope they will go away. Somehow, she always muddles through.
      I’ve had both hips replaced and also my left knee. The hips were a piece of cake to heal from, but the knee was painful a lot of time. It still hurts at times. I watched a complete knee replacement on PBS tv before having it done, so I knew what I was in for.
      “twitterpated” … wise old owl from Bambi? Our robins and cardinals are singing all day. The smaller birds basically raid the feeders.
      Good for you using the natural pesticide; keep Mike and his Sevin away.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. What a beautiful description of quiet home. It’s so nice that JJ is playing guitar in his room. πŸ™‚
    Many of tiny tits on my balcony every morning! I regret I must leave my flat v. early and can’t play with them. Love their little funny heads.
    I keep my fingers crossed for your surgery, Ken. I know how much it is important for you and your health. I need some dental work too. Thanks that you reminded me about it.
    Have a lovely spring time on your porches and in your gardens, my American friends.

    • Hope you get a chance to make some pics and recording of your balcony birds; birdsong are so uplifting to the soul.
      I also hope you can once again put flowers on your balcony this spring.
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

  3. Porch time is necessary to find yourself, to hear the nature around you. I haven’t a porch but when I need some lazy times I take my old long chair and place it in my little garden. Days are going to be beautiful these next weeks…
    I hope you have your surgery soon and throw out these headaches and pains.
    Have a beautiful spring time with the songs of the robins and the cardinals.

    • Yep, I love my porch time and hope to get some today with my g.grandson.
      Have a beautiful springtime yourself, Albert. πŸ™‚

  4. Ha, it is funny that Tammy said “twitterpated”. My brother has been using that term for years.
    Lots of birds everyday here. Feeders are getting a workout. The family is returning home.

    That is a bunch of surgery for one year.

    • “Twitterpated” is a good word for election year.
      We have plenty of birds, but I don’t have quite as much cover for them as I did at the other house.
      At my age, a hangnail is major surgery. πŸ™‚
      Thanks, Mark.

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