February and its sissy Valentine’s sweet-sh-t videos are back on the shelf. March is here and March ain’t to be taken lightly, therefore my first video for this incredible month is from the best metal band; Judas Priest … You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’.

This is all I have for today; tomorrow I hope to have some more info about image theft on the web; today I found two more of my pics which have been stolen and Cyrus and Maggie each have several images purloined.

Have a great Thursday; it’s great to be alive and be in East Tennessee.

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  1. Why do people steal your photos? what are they doing with them? Good tunes for today, I’ll agree. I think the robins are mostly gone but the wrens are active building nests and singing sweetly to each other all day long. I can hear them through my open back door as I type and it is the only reason why I like my job at the moment. I’ve seen the Kytes arrive this week circling high above with their forked tails and their high raptor-like calls. And, a mamma squirrel who has made a nest in my bamboo; I’ve caught her several times eying my flower bed contemplating what kind of seeds I’ve planted for her. The squirrels are busy eating the new buds off the maple tree and it is humerous watching them delicately crawl out to a thin branch for that succulent treat; quite often they fall and I laugh. Spring comes and I am happy to be Queen of my space this time of year. Dance tonight, shimmies needed.

    • My photos have been used on people’s blogs, except one guy in Russia has my cardinal as a free clip art download for anyone to take. Many other people’s photos are being used in ads to sell stuff and some by big corporations who should know better.
      Our robins haven’t begun nesting yet, but they soon will. We don’t have many small raptors here or maybe there is so much cover for them I just don’t see them. After having squirrels around, I suppose it would be hard to live without them; something like being married.
      I’m sure you will find sufficient shimmies for tonight.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  2. Yes, it’s first day of March. Spring is coming in my part of Europe too, however I still wear my warm coat and and my heavy shoes.
    My business matters caused that I spend my today day in very noisy hall. Metal band is very good – but not for me, not today.
    I heard about tornadoes in a few American states; also in Tennessee. I worry about you and your family, my friend. Hope you are all safe! Please take care of yourself.

    • I was just being a bit ornery today; however I do like metal music. Noise at work all day makes you want to stick your head under a pillow when you get home; at least it did for me when I was working construction.
      We were under tornado warnings and watches for a few hours last evening, but I haven’t heard of any touching down. We did have super-heavy thunderstorms, though. Very high winds.
      Thanks, my friend. 🙂

  3. I only looked at a couple photos and the ones being used were on blogs. I have a picture some Coors girls that is on several blogs. Only gave credit. Who knows what else is being used to generate cash for others.

    No new bird here yet. Just my friendly flock and a chipmunk.

    • It isn’t surprising the Coor’s Girls were stolen.
      They closed schools early here today; expecting the big storms.
      Thanks, Mark.

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