Sammy is coming!

For the first time in ages, I did a bit of blog surfing yesterday via A few of the blogs I have been reading for years have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another and I needed new ones to fill my reading time. For sure there are a lot of people like myself out there who have little to say but insist on saying it anyway and if you hop around in their stuff for a few minutes, you can find some items which will make you laugh, cause you to be sad, but overall, be glad you found their blog.

Mit Romney sucked out a win in his home state’s Republican Primary last night. The only group he had a solid win with was those making more than $100,000 income. As bad as he is, and he is very, very bad, he is better than Rick Santorum who wears Jesus like an Easter suit, and better than Newt Gingrich who has zero credibility outside the ‘good ol’ boy’ deep south. I wonder what Gingrich thinks about women’s rights to live a healthy life? Newt and I both are hypocrites but we are comfortable with it; he is happy knowing he will go to heaven and I’m happy knowing I will not go there.

I am now down to 254 lbs (115 kg); probably been a decade since I was this petite.

Have good mid-week!

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  1. I wonder if Russian Red is really Russian. She is sweet!
    Well … I will not tell you what is my weight. πŸ˜‰ It’s obvious that I should lose some kilograms. The problem is that I don’t like to be hungry and the talks about starvation diets simply bore me. I know I shouldn’t eat too much. On week days I follow a vegetarian diet, and I hope it will help me at last.
    My gentle kiss for our Little Elf. πŸ™‚

    • I think she is Spanish. I heard the song on a movie and the melody and what few words I could understand (tinnitus) made me search for it.
      I am still more than 30 lbs (13 kg)over my desired weight. I doubt that you should lose very many kilograms and you are correct; starvation diets are not good.
      Thanks, Jola. πŸ™‚

      • My slim and beautiful friends still talk about different starvation diets and they suggest me that I should use them too. Uffff.
        Well, I’m still more that 7 kilograms over my desired weight.

      • Seven kg isn’t bad; I wish it was all I had to worry about. You will probably lose that and more when you visit the Tattras, Podlasie, and do your summer vacation.
        Thanks, Jola.

  2. Hell at the rate I am going these days as you lose weight I’ll pass you going in the wrong direction.

    Lovely song with a lovely woman staring out from the screen.

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