Anything for a dollar

Does anyone find it surprising that our weak-kneed, self-serving president wants to cut corporate taxes? Corporate Super PACS are pouring millions into Republican campaigns, and I suppose Mr. B. O. wants a piece of the pie. In 2008, it was difficult for me to believe Obama was the cream of the political crop but I am no longer surprised by the timidity and foolishness of the American voting public which is saying ‘we want change and we want it now; just don’t hurt my pocketbook in any way but it is ok if you bankrupt my neighbor’. I really think the United States deserves the Rick Pricks, Santorum and Perry. Put them on the same ticket as candidates for President and for Vice-President; it doesn’t matter which is which because they are completely interchangeable. Phooey!

I noticed that Flickr’s page view ranking from Alexa has dropped from 31st less than one year ago to 46th at present. I suspect it is mostly due to the rising popularity of Facebook which is presently 2nd in rank behind Google. I look for Yahoo to try to bring Flickr into the new age by making it more personable, such as having an IM engine for chatting. A drop of 15 places is a huge loss of page views for a place of its size and high-end ranking, probably many thousands of members per day are using the site less and less. Also, whereas FB is free to use, if you want more than a basic photo page, Yahoo/Flickr charges nearly $25 per year. My Flickr Pro subscription is up for renewal in two months, and–same as last year–I am debating if I should renew; I seldom post photos there or anywhere else. I still find as the best customizable site for photos, and when the updated version comes out, it will be easier to use and even more customizable. For now, FB rules the online social world.

Have a good day, my friends.

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  1. Obama is no better than Bush 1 & 2. They are all in the same tax bracket so they will never take from themselves as politicians. Obama was put in office to be the “American Hero,” that’s why Ghaddafi and Bin Laden had to “disappear.” As long as we have Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove members running our country, we as citizen will forever be f***ed. I will never enter a ballot box when it comes election time, nor will I ever be on the side of any member of congress… Facebook is ruling the world right now, but I will be deleting my personal account soon. I don’t care for the way things work on FB. Too personal for a guy like myself. ENJOY THURSDAY

    • At least with Bush, we knew he was going to screw up everything he touched; with Obama, we never know. Mostly just follow the money and you will find droves of politicians. I made my FB account because of Megashot; I am an admin. on their Macro Photography page but I hardly go there. I think I could live without FB.
      Thanks, Jeremy … have a great weekend.

  2. For such persons like me Flickr is a bit too expensive however I renewed it in January 2012. Hope to make some new photos if only the weather changes.
    Ken … you were my best Flickr friend, you are my best Flickr friend and you will be forever my best Flickr friend. I love the comments you leave me in my stream. 🙂 And I like very much how you correct some of my pictures if there is such necessity. I know that Megashot is a wonderful web site. I haven’t set up my Megashot account yet because I haven’t so much time to be on the net. As you know I spend most of my day at the office.
    I must admit I like FB more and more, fortunately I haven’t become addicted to it.
    Oh … we still have rather unpleasant winter. The thaw is setting in but it’s still cold. My poor bones are sore.
    Yes, enjoy Thursday, my American friends.

    • I too want to make some photos for here, Flickr, and Megashot. I don’t have to correct your photos as they are fine to begin with. Sometimes I just show a bit different perspective.
      I would love to have you at Megashot but there is no hurry for you to join. It will be around for a long time, I think.
      FB is ok; I just do not use social sites very much. As those go, FB is not too bad; it is much easier to use and seems a bit safer than it was a year or so ago. There is a lot I don’t understand about it, so I will be asking you for help. 🙂
      It is beautiful and 21°C here today.
      Thanks, Jola.

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