On the move

Supposed to be 72°F (22°C) Thursday, along with thunderstorms. Sounds right springy.

Carolyn has gone after Sammy; probably be his last day with us until Friday. He did some singing for us yesterday–I had Etta James music on the PC.

I suppose CNN and the remainder of the glory press are hoping someone else with the charisma and publicity like Whitney Houston had will die; they made oodles of ad money off of her demise. Etta James died a week previous to Houston but it was hardly noticed by the glam news world. Let’s face it; Houston would have been another face in the music crowd if not for having such a fiery relationship with former hubby Bobby Brown. Rest in Peace, Etta James.

We are taking my office back to the bedroom Chris vacated. Her move back to Jonesborough is complete and Ashley and Sammy have moved to Johnson City. It’ll be nice to have an uncovered window to see out of again.

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  1. I would like so much to hear how Sammy was singing. 🙂
    Whitney Huston was beautiful and talented woman but I think there was a mess in her thoughts and her emotions.

    • My phone battery was low yesterday and i didn’t get a chance to catch a video of Sammy singing. He was quieter today.
      Houston had a great voice but her life talent was overshadowed by her personal problems.
      Thanks for the link … truth in song. 🙂

      • English: This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world
        But it wouldn’t be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl

        Polish: To jest męski świat To jest męski świat
        Ale byłby niczym, niczym bez kobiety lub dziewczyny

        Love that lyrics. Have a nice evening!

      • Wonderful lyrics, for sure.
        Thanks for the Polish translation; is this song available in Polish?
        Have a nice evening yourself, Jola.

  2. scandel sells. I hope you get to see Sammy soon but I know when you do, you’ll take photos to show us how fast he has grown. I took the day off to perform at noon at a luncheon held by the St. Augustine Women’s Club. There were about 60 people and a good crowd. One never knows how a room full of “mature” women will receive the belly dancers. it was a paying gig but not enough to cover my lost day’s wages. It was fun so that counts for something. I’ll send you a photo via the email. The house will be quiet w/o Sammy and I’m sure you’d make the trade of the window for him any day of the week. I think actually tomorrow officially is George Washington’s birthday.

    • I will see Sammy again this week, at least by Friday. Seems he has learned something new each time he comes over. He is getting so fat! Glad you had a nice crowd for your performance; did you get any new recruits for your dance troupe from the audience? Yep, tomorrow is Washington’s birthday, but someone was wise enough to have the holiday on a Monday so it would not mess up a work week.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  3. Gonna be 70 here maybe tomorrow and Friday, lots of rain Friday, and then a tad over 50 on Saturday. Spring is here. Time change in two weeks. All good.

    Teach Sammy some good music now and he will thank you later.

    I feel sorry for Whitney in that the press was so brutal for many years. I can identify with her in the fact that life is not as rosy as it seems to others. Hard to know the inner struggles and demons that inhabits ones mind while all seems to be “ok” to the viewing public. Imagine living in the public eye while you have inner struggles.

    • I doubt that winter has given up on us yet; we shall see. 🙂
      I never cared for Whitney’s music so I didn’t pay her much mind. The press makes me sick with headlines like “Will Kevin Costner Attend Whitney’s Funeral?” The press used to detest paparazzi but they have become worse. Check this cold fact out.
      Thanks, Mark.

  4. Nice link. Typical American whoreporations.

    We just need to let these people have some attempt at a normal life whatever the hell that means.

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