Fine dining

Carolyn drove me around the area today; she wanted to visit an old hamburger joint–which is located in Bristol–from days of her youth. We rode around some and finally wound up at the Blue Circle drive-in restaurant. We both ordered burgers and I ordered french fries and she ordered onion rings to eat in the Escape and we waited and waited when finally a guy came out and told us they were out of french fries and would tater tots be ok. I agreed that they would be fine and we waited some more. Here came another guy telling us they were also out of onion rings and would tater-tots be all right for her. Or, we could wait some more because someone had gone to the grocery store to buy some to cook. We were hungry so Carolyn decided tater-tots would be good and we waited some more. Finally here came the first guy carrying our dinner and the cheeseburgers–although tasty–were very paltry in size and the tater-tots were the expected grease bombs. We ate and left there and Carolyn decided she wanted coffee and desert. We drove around some more and wound up in Johnson City at McDonald’s. She ordered us each a cup of coffee–mine with sugar and hers with cream–and two cherry pies. We got to the pay window and were told they were out of cherry pies but if we waited 15 minutes they would have some ready. We decided to take our coffee and leave. Both coffees had cream and neither had sugar. Carolyn had made up her mind she was going to have a cherry pie so we went to a convenience store, bought gasoline, and she went inside to get herself and me cherry pies. She came back out madder than a wet hen; they were out of fried cherry pies. I ended up with some powdered donuts and she had a cherry flavored Twinkie-like cake. We drove around some more, winding up the day back at home. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, My aunt and cousin came by and we visited until past five o’clock and Carolyn and I were both very tired by then.

It wasn’t a haute cuisine day, but it was fun overall; I was glad to get home and finally have a ham sandwich and a bag of chips. I hate to admit it, but it was the first time I had been out of the house since December 27. It felt good to get some air and see things other than my PC monitor and the four walls of home. I took the Pentax with me but found nil to shoot at. Spring was in the air today but tomorrow we are supposed to have the first decent snow fall of the winter; figures.

My aunt submitted a story about her life to some publication which was putting together a book about growing up in East Tennessee hills. Damned if she didn’t get her story included in the book. Now I have to come up with $50 to get a copy; she told me she submitted a photo with me in it when I was small and it is also in the book. My entire family must be literary geniuses; I wonder where I went wrong?

Sunday cometh.

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  1. It was a beautiful day you and Carolyn could spend together out of the house! Our daughter is in Vienna now so we feel a bit alone. We went to the cinema to watch the film “The Iron Lady” but it rather disappointed us.
    When we visit McDonald’s I order usually chicken nuggets, french fries, white coffee and … cherry pie, of course. 🙂 McDonald’s cherry pie is tasty so I understand why Carolyn was mad when she couldn’t get it.
    It was v. good idea to publish a book about growing up in East Tennessee hills. If it’s well written I love such literature.
    Stay warm.

    • I read some reviews on “The Iron Lady” and the reviewers mostly said the film was a disappointment. I never liked Ms. Thatcher but she did live in an interesting era.
      I don’t eat much chicken but Carolyn usually buys nuggets from McDonalds. I seldom eat anything from fast-food restaurants anymore. I do like McDonalds french fries, though.
      I hope to get a copy of the book.

      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. I must say that any time out of the house after being in for close to two months must have seen like a vacation. You must get out a little more for your own sanity.

    I can’t remember the last time I had a cherry pie from McDonalds. I bet it was as hot as the surface of the sun.

    Now as far as the book goes you need to submit your stories. You know they would get published.

    • To say the truth, when one gets older it is more and more difficult to want to get out and about; I feel comfortable inside but spring will draw me out a lot more, I suppose.
      The last few pies I’ve had from McDonalds were not super hot; mostly just right for me. I think the law suits over them and the coffee being too hot has finally awakend them a bit.
      The problem with my stories is that I base them on true events but end up lieing like hell.
      Thanks, Mark.

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