Mid-week gleanings

To generate new tax revenue, American cities are turning more and more to annexing vacant property such as farmland. They receive a decent amount of money for the treasury without having to provide much in services. When the land is “improved” with more housing such as a subdivision, they really prosper via the collected taxes. A family’s home should not be a money cow for municipalities.

Sammy was here yesterday and Carolyn has gone to get him again today. It is awesome to watch him grow from an infant into a little boy.

L.R. "office" as I write this blog

I may be moving my “office” back to where it was; I think Chris is moving back to her apartment. I will miss her; she is as quiet as a mouse but I can easily realize why she wants to have her own place.

Dry eye and allergies are ruining my day; I’ve had to hit Ctrl + three times just to be able to hazily see what I am writing. I had planned to pen my thoughts about the search for the Higgs Boson or maybe my take on the theory of Alternate Universes. Oh yes; I do think about such things. In fact, I try, in my mind, to put myself in their shoes, so to speak. There isn’t much in this universe that doesn’t interest me to some degree. Well, Opera and Ballet are exceptions, however I once saw a topless ballet performance on television and I was quite inspired.

Have a grand ol’ Wednesday!

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  1. In my home town Impact Fees are quite substantial. I’m not sure how the annexing of property works. also in my home town it used to be that a tax break could be found on a “farm property” provided something was done with the land. My ex-husband and I used to plant cedar trees on our 40 acres and received 1,000 seedlings every year from the Ag department. Now, he tells me that he can’t catch that break any more for his property. It makes me sad to think of family property up for sale simply because the taxes were too high. I suppose this is the plight of many a small family-owned farm as well. I saw BTO with my best friend in the summer of 1985 which was one of the best summers of my life. They were playing at an outdoor concert and we were young, wild and adorable. Reckless.
    It looks like you have one of those cheap desks like I have – We purchased that metal desk with the formica top from Sams club over 16 years ago and I still use it to this day. It is grey and ugly as hell but doesn’t owe me a dime. Sammy is growing fast! It is tough to live in someone else’s space, I can understand perhaps how Chris feels.
    Happy Wed.

    • I remember the old “Land Bank” days when the federal government paid farmers not to put crops on their land. Taxes would not be so bad if property owners within city limits didn’t have to pay a double rate; one for city and one for county. The county provides no services to city folk except for judicial system. Willie’s Farm Aid helps many farmers pay their land taxes.
      I’ve never seen BTO in person, but I like their upbeat brand of rock. Many good Canadian bands and artists.
      We got the desk at Sam’s Club in 1995. It also mhas a corner unit but we didn’t have room for it in the LR. It has been a good one.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. “There isn’t much in this universe that doesn’t interest me to some degree.”

    Like it. Your mind is so receptive, and I love the place where you work and write your blog. Things are nicely arranged here. I’m glad that you respect the ergonomics rules, my friend. Besides, it’s so cosy room. Paintings hanging on the wall are sweet. 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Yep, I am overly nosy when it comes to learning; several of the blogs I read are science related.
      I can’t afford paintings, so I bought cheap posters and and had them placed in nice frames. However, the big frame with the irises by Monet is a print and it cost more than I should have paid. The two girls are possibly gypsy children; Renoir painted several canvasses of them.
      Thanks, Jola 🙂

  3. I am saving my thoughts on Higgs Boson for a day when the world deserves it. Of course I’ll need to brush up on my math skills to finish the equation.

    Annexing property is a scheme towns use to raise money when they have no legitimate way to collect tax dollars. Like getting something for nothing.

    Frame some of your pictures and put them up.

    Ballet I can stand and could go watch. Opera is the most God Awful screeching and should have faded away many ions ago.

    • I think the Higgs equation will have many $$$ variables.

      I don’t understand ballet and I cannot stand on my tiptoes, but I do look great in a tutu.

      Thanks, Mark.

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