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Sammy was on my lap and wanted to do the first entry for today’s blog. I think it says “good morning my blog friends”.
I have been trying to teach him to change his own diaper; at seven moths old, it should be a simple task for him but he is refusing to do it. I think he knows how but is being plain stubborn.

I got up yesterday morning and my wi-fi did not work but I was fairly busy with tax stuff and did not mess with it, hoping the same gremlin who hacked it would miraculously repair it before today. However, I had to get up this morning and work on it; finally getting it back on the Droid but I have yet to attempt the laptop.

I planned to make a photo of our first blooming daffodil this morning, but after getting the Pentax out of the drawer, I found its batteries were dead. It was the first time I’d attempted to use it since mid-November. Carolyn had to go to the store for bread and on to pick up Sammy, so she bought a pack of AA’s for me. I shot the above photo from my bathroom window; yep, I can still multitask.

God Bless Disco!

Have a good Wednesday!

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  1. Thanks for the daffy pic. We can’t grow them down here but I saw my first coral honeysuckle blossom this morning which means the hummingbirds are on their way back to me. Is that a cardinal I see perched on the ground too? I’ll have to take a photo of my plants for you as they are growing quickly! Sammy is a regular poet. He’ll be better able to work the computer at age 4 than most of us ever will. I like the northern flower – I think it is called hyacinth? It smells divine if it the one I am thinking of. Shut the cable off this morning. When asked by the cable representative why I told him that we were taking back our living room. He didn’t have a response. I’ll take the $83.00 per month and stick it in an envelope towards a mini vacation.

    • Maggie has hummers and robins year ’round at her place on the left side of Canada. I hear they will winter about anywhere there is a food supply. Hope you get a bunch of them; they are so nosy. Yep, it is a male cardinal on the ground; the feeder is just above him. Carolyn had several hyacinths and grape hyacinths at the old place she wasn’t able to dig them up and no one volunteered to do it for her. Yes, please do send your plant photos. We don’t miss having our satellite tv; we have 10 local channels–some in high definition–and I mostly read while Carolyn watches the infernal box. I watched the Super Bowl with better quality picture than cable or satellite could provide.
      Thanks, Tammy

  2. In Warsaw daffodils will appear in late April, I think. It’s still a deep winter here, but fortunately the temperature has changed: from -20 C to -10 C. It’s quite warm. 😉
    Love how Sammy tried to use a keyboard. Hello our Little Prince. Good morning. 🙂

    • Daffodils are almost a month early here. Yes, it looks like you are having a heat wave in Warsaw. 🙂
      First thing Sammy reaches for when on my lap is the keyboard. I will tell you said “good morning”.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  3. Daffodils are here like crazy and places where they get a lot of sunlit they are blooming quite well.
    Kind of odd i must say.

    Firefox has been giving me problems. It is having a hard time connecting fairly often. That is why no post this morning and no comments last night. Kind of annoying.

    Sammy does not want to grow up just yet, so he will make others change for him.

    • I think all the early blooming is due to the ground not freezing deep or as long as usual; the soil in our area didn’t lose its heat this winter. We will probably be inundated with bugs this summer; may be a year for many more Japanese beetles.

      Normally when Firefox cannot connect, it is a problem with the network and not the app. DSL systems are outdated and not kept up to modern standards so intermittents and outages are becoming more common.

      Thanks, Mark.

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