“Monday, Monday; can’t trust that day”


Carolyn has gone to take Ashley to work and we will have Sammy with us today. He is sunshine.
The weekend began very well and ended in disaster.
Occupy Oakland is for the most part being peaceful and law-abiding; if the cops would act the same way there would be little violence in the protests. Being a presidential election year, this all should be interesting. Any Republican candidate will come out against Occupy and Obama is also owned by the one-percent therefore he won’t say much that will stem the flood of money coming into his reelection kitty. He will probably receive more corporate dollars than most Democrat hopefuls would; unless there is a major disaster to waylay him, he should easily beat anything the Right has produced so far to run against him.
Have a good Worshday!

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  1. I love this movie; unfortunately can’t get (buy) DVD with Polish subtitles. Hope your Worshday is happy. 🙂

    • Too bad about not having a version dubbed or subtitled in Polish; it is a very popular film.
      Thanks, Jola. 🙂

  2. One of my favorite movies. Awesome soundtrack.

    The thing that could cause Obama trouble is Israel attacking Iran. A real possibility.

    • I’m like Tammy; it has to be in my top 10 list.
      An Israeli attack on Iran would tickle every true Republican.
      Thanks, Mark.

  3. one of George Clooney’s best as far as I’m concerned. A definite movie in my top 10 list. Did you get to watch Avatar yet? Occupy seems to have lost some of its steam in our area. The folks camping out in Daytona on the corner of International Speeday Boulevard and Mason are reduced to just a few tents and signs and it looks like the homeless have moved into the area too just to keep the Occupy folks company. Superbowl on Sunday. Mike will make wings and that will probably do it for my cholesterol allowance for the month – but so worth it. I don’t care who wins.

    • Watched Avartar last evening; not up to the hype as far as the story line goes. I think Occupy will be stronger now than last year; our local forces are already gearing up and doing some bank protests. I suppose i will be hoping for the Giants because I like Eli Manning; really doesn’t matter much, though. Your ears still ringing? Mine are screaming today.
      Thanks, Tammy

  4. Go Pats!!!!!!

    • I knew you would say that!
      $5? 🙂

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