Wednesday’s breaking wind

Crap like this has allegedly happened three times this winter in and around Johnson City. What the hell are these parents thinking?!
We are expecting Jeremy and Courtney to be here this weekend; have a safe trip home to East Tennessee, young’uns.
There is only one reasonable reason wealthy Americans place a lot of money in offshore banks like Republican nominee candidate Mitt Romney has in the Cayman Islands; he must be hiding a lot of it. I don’t trust American banks either, but I would surely use them unless I was hiding my loot from someone or something … something like the IRS. Mr. Romney, you have no idea whatsoever as to what it means to be an everyday, working, middle class American. Have you ever been not wealthy or were you, like Ann Richards said of G. H. Bush, born with a silver foot in your mouth?
Have a pleasant Wednesday!

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  1. It’s always the worst if little children are harmed. 😦 Lovely news that you are expecting Jeremy and Courtney, dear friend. I could listen to last Obama’s speech. It was great speech, and his wife Michelle looked beautifully .
    Love Joe Cocker and his song!

    • I didn’t listen to Obama; after three years of disappointments, he has become just another president. I had great hopes for him.
      I wonder if Joe Cocker leaves his hat on? 🙂
      Thanks, Jola.

  2. Mike supports Obama but honestly I don’t agree. I don’t like his manner of speaking either. I have to say that Bill Clinton was one of the best speakers as far as a president that I can remember goes. and of course Jimmy Carter is my favorite for humility and sincerity. Where the hell is he these days? this tune by Joe is on my ipod and is played very often. It is my personal favorite for sexy dancing (stripping) for Mikie – and we will leave it at that. I was laughing at the old photos with Joe and his striped business-like pants combined with his tie-dye shirts. such a fashion statement that was. have a wonderful visit with Jeremy and Courtney. I’m guessing they are bringing their “children” (dogs?) Hello to those wonderful people who make you happy from the butterfly goddess of the south. Absorb their young positive beautiful energy and then share with us. Its dance night and a good day for Joe’s tune to be traveling around in my system… Oh one more thing. My cholesterol is too high and I’ll be starting a statin. bummer. age cometh for me.

    • I suppose Obama is the best of a bad lot; American politics as usual. I haven’t heard anything about Jimmy in awhile; hope he isn’t ill. Joe Cocker is quite a character; it was funny when John Belushi pantomimed him on Saturday night live and Joe got mad about it. Yep, Ms. Remy and Mr. Bubba will be along with Jeremy and Courtney; they are family too. Most cholesterol is easily treatable with pills; Carolyn has been taking them for years. Wait about 20 more years before you begin thinking too much about age coming; you are still very youthful from my vantage point and in fact.
      Thanks, Tammy

  3. Obama speaks quite well and is great on the campaign trail. However he has failed, or maybe our expectations of him were unrealistic, in many ways. He is a center right democrat for the most part and that is something I can not take.

    Healthcare failed, wars failed, Gitmo failed, tax restructuring failed, immigration failed. I’ll stop now.

    Jimmy is still out there doing his thing. Frankly I happen to think he is great. He is the person who got me interested in politics. He speaks his mind and does not care is people do not like what he says. We need more like him.

    Got love those JC parents.

    Mostly youth is in your mind………………….mostly.

    • I believe that if his own party which ruled Congress his first two years had not bickered among themselves, Obama would have been a lot better.

      I like Carter; my big gripe with him was the “Rose Garden” campaign he tried to run against R.R. He needed to get out and shake hands and let the people know he was trying.

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