Tuesday morning

This winter has me totally confused. Yesterday and this morning the yard was full of robins, both male and female. Carolyn says she has occasionally seen a flock in the yard  ever since winter began. Migrating robins usually do not get here until mid-February (early February last year) and the males are always here for a few weeks before the females begin to arrive. My theory is that a mixed-gender flock has wintered in the area but I have never known it to happen before. If so, it sure is going to crap up the old “I just saw the first robin of spring” ritualistic saying. Weatherman says we may have a bit of snow this weekend coming.
I didn’t think Sammy was going to be with us today, but Carolyn has gone to pick him up. Things are changing more rapidly in my life than my simple hillbilly mind can keep up with.
Be sure to check out and “Like” Mark’s Fading America Facebook page.  He has been and will be posting photos from his travels around the country, each a story of the way America was just a few years ago.
The body shop called and said the Escape is ready. They pulled the bottom part of the air ducting out and cleaned it. Maybe the insurance company held the body shop to its estimate and refused to pay more to clean the entire A/C system. This all leaves me with a bad feeling; what if one of us is later on hit in the eye and blinded by a shrapnel of flying glass?
Have a Tuesday!

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  1. Your theory concerning the robins which has wintered in Tennessee moves me, dear friend. I like Mark’s page however I’m not a member of FB. English technical language is difficult for me but I hope your Escape is well repaired.
    Neil is like a wine which improves with age. 🙂

    • Many people and companies are using FB to promote themselves these days. FB is totally confusing for me; I am of the wrong generation for it. In case you don’t have it, here is a link to Mark’s http://www.fadingamerica.com/
      I like Neil much better than wine. 🙂
      Thanks, my friend.

  2. I could be Neil’s cinnamon girl. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I like cinnamon; so there. I’m not sure what the meaning is of that song and I’ve never heard him play it before this day. I do love his music. I have a love/hate relationshipo with Facebook. I like it because I can keep updated wiht photos and the comings and goings of my cousins and family who are far away; however, why every tom, dick, and susie feels the need to “connect” with me is confusing. Some people have actually gotten offended because I “removed” them or didn’t accept their “invitation”. Sheesh. I only link with my very closest friends and family – the rest can go piss in the ocean. Then there is the feeling like no matter what you say, it could come back and bite you in the arse. So I use it cautiously and encourage my children to do so. Ever listen to NPR “Car Talk?” Last weekend they were telling a story about how a rat (or many rats) had inhabited some guy’s pick-up truck and stole dog food from the garage and then hit it for safekeeping in the headliner of his truck. One day when he came to a quick stop the headliner ripped and dog food came crashing down around him. I’m not sure if that story is true or not but it makes for a good story. I hope that you don’t have an episode of flying glass when that fan comes on. It is amazing that Carolyn got through that intact – we are so glad for it because who would feed you? and pick up Sammy for play dates w/ his grampa? I haven’t seen the robins since last Friday. I miss them. Yesterday I saw a bald eagle chasing an osprey in the sky. It was amazing to see!. Finally getting my feet under me again. kisses… to you and sammy-poo.

    • ‘Wrote this for a city girl on peeling pavement coming at me thru Phil Ochs eyes playing finger cymbals. It was hard to explain to my wife.’ This is what Neil wrote in the liner notes of the album about “Cinnamon Girl”. Still don’t explain much and I bet wifey still don’t understand.
      I have just not found the appeal of FB; you still must use FB IM to exchange secrets and IM is something else I hardly use and if I did, the one on gmail or Yahoo or Skype would be just fine. I haven’t many friends on FB, and many of them I don’t know who they are; I consider them as groupies gathering around my rising stardom.
      I listen to the nut brothers on Car Talk most Saturday mornings when I think of it. I missed the one about the rats but I don’t doubt that it is a true story. I would much sooner believe it was chipmunks and not common brown rats that made the stash.
      Thanks, my friend.

  3. well there you go. Belly dancers play cymbals. I didn’t realize he wrote that song. I thought it was another artist who wrote and performed that song; perhaps I haven’t heard this live version which confused me. I’d bet it was chipmunks rather than a rat. Chipmunks are pretty industrious little critters; however, they don’t live this far south that I know of. They’ve dug a hole under Mike’s parent’s garage and I’ve spent hours (when I visited one winter) watching them dragging bits of refuse OUT and bits of dried materials IN. They are rather cute and of course I fed them peanuts but Mike’s dad didn’t really like them down there. I suppose they can be as damaging as any other rodents. Have you chipmunks up your way? I know Mark has one or two because I’ve seen them. They are lightening fast and made me laugh as Mark grumbled about them stealing his produce. We had the most beautiful neon-pink sunrise this morning which brought such joy to my heart. The weather is warm and my seeds are popping up like crazy.

    • Cinnamon Girl has been covered by plenty of bands and singers so it doesn’t surprise me that you didn’t know Neil wrote it or even sung it.
      I’ve learned something; I didn’t know Florida didn’t have chipmunks (except for Chip and Dale at Disney World). We have many of them around here; they act basically like squirrels except for the underground living and they can climb trees. They are easy prey for cats so it doesn’t do much good to make friends with the little fellers. I remember Mark fussing about his crops being taken by a chipper; I personally thought it was funny but he most likely had a differing opinion. Glad you had a pretty sunrise; we have a few at times but you must be high atop a mountain to catch all the glory. I figured you were already into half-past spring in your area.
      Thanks, Tammy.

  4. I have not seen any robins here. Many other birds have been here all winter. I like having them around.

    Glad you are getting to spend so much time with Sammy.

    I bet you are right about the insurance company. Glass in the eye makes Ken a rich guy.

    Thanks for the link and like.

    Facebook is an evil that needs to go away but it is not so I must use it to my advantage. i find it rather annoying for the most part.

    Yea Yea chipmunks are cute and a pain in the ass. Nothing a bb in the ass does not cure, at least for me. 🙂

    Car talk good. Neil Young good and the the acid he was on when he wrote the liner notes must have been good. Phil Ochs is also a treasure who you must look up if you do not know who he is.

    • I would hate to be one of the people who have a phobia about birds.

      I keep a BB pistol to warn off nosy critters; didn’t work on the bear.

      If Ochs could have stayed half-way clean he would have become more of a legend as the years passed. He was probably right in his fears of the CIA and FBI.

      Thanks, Mark

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