Thanking you …

I just realized something… I began posting on Blogger on January 7th, 2006. I’ve been doing this longer than I thought. Alice was my first reader and Robin was my first commenter. Thank you everyone who has read my silliness and kindly encouraged, critiqued, and kept me going through six enlightening and wonderful years. For those of you who I have disappointed in some way with my words, please know that it was not done on purpose to hurt you or anyone. In the case of politicians and fat-cat preachers, I never intended to hurt you either for your own words and actions were all that I was repeating. For those of you who I have pleased with my words, maybe some of it was done on purpose because I like each one of you and many of you have become family to me, but most of  these thousands of sentences and paragraphs were merely me being myself. I like to tell stories and I like to be the brunt of any joke I spew over the net scape. The likes of Mark Twain, Will Rogers, and especially Walt Kelly have been my inspiration for many, many years.

I would like to say all your names in this posting and tell you how much you have meant to me as a friend and an individual, but like I said in the last post, my eyes no longer make many tears and I am afraid it would bankrupt me to buy all the bottled tears I would need to portray to you my honest, loving emotions about you.

Thank you, my gentle children.

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  1. sweet words my kind friend.

    • Thanks, Tammy and thank you for being a blog reader and a friend.

  2. I haven’t been following your blogs as long as I wish I would have, but I must say you are a great writer and creative thinker. Exceptional hu-man and loving father, grandfather and now great grandfather. Thank you for sharing your world with us all!

    • Thank you Jeremy; you have been much of my inspiration. I’m always grateful when I think about my kids, grandkids, and now a g.grandkid.

  3. I need to thank you for getting me to write my blog. It is your kind words and encouragement that got me going.

    Of course reading your blog is now part of my everyday routine and the day is not quite the same when you take your day off.

    I’ll be over soon to complete the circle.

    • I thank you because when you started writing your blog it recharged me; I was becoming a bit burned out.
      Thanks, my friend.

      • It is easy to get burned. Sometimes just sitting at the computer is a chore. I am right there with you on that one.

      • I basically sit here from 8 to 10 hours each day and it doesn’t take long to get bored. Makes my butt hurt, too.

  4. So sweet post! I may repeat after Mark: reading your blog is now part of my everyday routine and the day is not quite the same when you take your day off.
    You describe us your personal life in so lovely way and I like very much when you amuse us. You are great, dear friend. 🙂
    I’m preparing for my business trip. I will be off the net a few days.
    I will miss all of You!

    • Thank you Jola. I remember when you first began reading the blog; you were a bit unsure of your English and I thought to myself ‘she sure picked a heck of a poor blog to learn more about English language usage’. 🙂
      Take care on your trip and come back to us safe and sound, my friend.

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